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    A number of years ago we spent a week at CTI--it was great. They had a Pjama party one evening. It too was a lot of fun. Do they still have them-and do they have them at CSS or CN?

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    I'm afraid the pajama party is a thing of the past. I agree that it was a lot of fun, but I beleive Couples decided that it gave some people the wrong sort of impression about the resort. The PJ party we attended was not a "wild" party at all, but I think some folks (who probably didnt attend the party) assumed that it was the kind of party you might find at the H resorts. That is not the sort of image Couples wants to project.
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    The resort didn't have one planned, so last March a group of us from the CN message board planned our own! I think we had 6 couples in PJ's. We started out at Heliconia and worked our way up to the piano bar. We also had a toga party on another night. The entertainment crew even participated. Great times!

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    What a great idea, we will be back at CSS 2/11-2/20 lets get one scheduled.

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    Cool! Looks like fun!

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    Ok CTI in under 2 days, all you islanders, let's plan a PJ Night..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe&Missy View Post
    What a great idea, we will be back at CSS 2/11-2/20 lets get one scheduled.
    Belinda and I will be at CSS for the first time February 10-18. This sounds like a great idea to celebrate Valentine's day with our Honeys.


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    We moved our trip to March 11-18, let's get the PJ Party started.......

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    It would be fun to do a pajama night or other similar themed party. Count Jim and Lisa in if there is one from April 25 - May 1!

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    Default What an idea

    Lisa and I think this would be fun! We will be at CTI.

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    I'd agree, both (PJ & Toga) sound like a lot of fun. Any excuse to have a party is always a good idea IMO

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    I like the idea of a PJ or toga party. They need a little night life once in a while!

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    The PJ party sounds like fun. I hope there is one between April 21st-28th. :-)

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