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    Will I be allowed to got topless on the main beach at CN? I am not sure I want to be AN---but I do enjoy being topless --and my hubby likes it--so I thought we might start that way? Will there be many topless women on the main beach?

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    You are allowed to be topless on the main beach at CN, but you are not allowed around the pools. You will see maybe a handful of other topless women, but even if you're the only one, who cares! Do what makes you feel comfortable
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    Quote Originally Posted by MelandAl View Post
    Will there be many topless women on the main beach?
    Because the same people aren't at the resort year round (although they wish they could be), there's no definite answer to this question. We've stayed at CN 12 times, and it varies from year to year. Some years there have been a lot of women sunbathing topless, some years a few, and some years almost none.
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    Although the policy states that ladies are not permitted to be topless at the main pools or on the main beach at CTI, we have seen this occur several times so don't be surprised if you do.
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    We just got back from CN and there were lots of women topless. We did notice they tended to hang by the nude beach fence. We were on the nude beach so could see them in the water. Try the nude beach. It fantastic at CN. It was pretty populated and everyone enjoyed the ocean and the bar. It was also quiet if you like to read or nap, it was a wonderful place to be. Have fun. It is a great place.

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