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Thread: Time to pack!!!

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    Default Time to pack!!!

    Saturday morning is gonna come real early...guess it's time to pack. Been making little piles - just know it's going to be like every other visit. Wait until late on Friday then cram everything "summery" I own into the suitcase. I learned to take extra swim trunks & Ts...learned that I can wear the same slacks & nobody cares or notices. This means more room for beach duds. It is going to be 15 here tonite & 11 tomorrow nite. At 5 AM Saturday I think it will be in the teens. Snow/Ice is north of the Ozarks this time, real glad we found a direct flight instead of having to drive to STL or KC or Tulsa. Wifey gets home Wed. nite, sure she's gonna love the decorated tree & my little piles of stuff to take. She brings organization to my life! Ready for the beach and sun and drinks and great food and relaxing and romance and golf and rafting and swimming and more food & drink and relaxing.....

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    Are you in Missouri? We are in Jefferson City and got some ice and snow. Nothing too bad, but still saw a lot of wrecks this morning.
    And my husband packs the same way that you do...then I redo it!

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    Sounds familiar in terms of my fiances process. I tend to prepare in stages over the course of the last 30 days. Adds to the anticipation. Pathetic, I know!

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    Default Packing

    Here's what I did to make packing easier- I never unpacked from trip to see family in AZ in Oct. I washed clothes before returning home and left summery clothes and bathing suits etc. in bag. Now all I need to do is add a few things and I'm ready to go!!

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    I packed two days ago in the beginning of all this snow here in Iowa, then unpacked that night, weeded out some things and repacked. Then yesterday, hubby says, do it again, you still have too much. So I unpacked again yesterday during our blizzard, weeded out some more and repacked. We did decide to go ahead and take all of our dive equipment. we were going to leave our bc's at home but he wants his and so I'm taking mine.

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    Default pack and get ready to go!

    I love posts like yours, the real deal...come on, you must be so excited? Pack the way you feel...go on your vacation and do not argue with your significant other not even once...the week (or two) will go fast I asure deserve this...have fun...I will in two weeks!...ONE LOVE and on saturday it's just for you...trying to get you excited.

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    Default In the ozarks

    Yes, we're from Springfield. Missed the "chain rain" this time, but, dang, it's cold. We don't get much time below 10 was 6 last nite. Grew up in Nebr and cold is just part of living there. It's supposed to be different here. I KNOW it will be different at CSS! On the plane in 23 hrs!!!

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