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    Default Announcing the December 9 Couplicious Wednesday Escape

    Greetings to all lovers everywhere,

    Here are the details of the December 9, 2009 CWE
    Name: Double Upgrade in Paradise
    Resorts: Couples Swept Away
    Categories: Garden Suite (gets Great House Verandah Suite), Atrium Suite (gets Garden Verandah Suite) and Great House Verandah Suite (gets Ocean Verandah Suite)
    Booking window: Now – 11:59 pm December 9, 2009
    Travel Window: April 4 – December 25, 2010
    Restrictions: 5 night minimum stay.
    Offer: Guests who book one of the applicable categories and stay for five nights or more April 4 – December 25, 2010, inclusive, will receive a double category upgrade. Book the Higher Category and pay the lower rate.

    Couples Resorts

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    But what if I like the Atrium Suite and don't want to be upgraded?

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    Randy, I tried to book this special, but this I was unable to get into the site...This is what your link said...

    "We're sorry, we are unable to find the Couples Resorts page you requested.

    Please check the web address URL in your browser address bar, or ...

    Use the navigation links at left to explore our site, or ...

    Visit our site map page.

    In a few moments, you will be taken to our site map page, which will help you find what you looking for."
    Now I missed the Wednesday sale I wanted because your site wouldn't let me book. Can you do anything to help? I was ready to book!

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    And I think the double category upgrade would be Garden Verandah for Garden and Greathouse Verandah for Atrium, no?

    Although, I honestly think you should keep the upgrades within the same "type" of room. (Original section vs. New section.)

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    How do these deals work when it comes to changing your reservation. Will I still get the deal if later on I decide to change the dates of my stay?

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    Is nothing simple anymore?


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    Offer that deal again today and I will book, I got snowed in yesterday, dang blizzards.

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    What is the chances that this offer is going to be made again? This offer is exactly what we were waiting for. But we didn't have power yesterday because of the snow here!!!

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    I got in on that....fabulous dean non-stop air in an ocean verandah at a greathouse price woo hoo!!! April 10-17th

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    WELL, guess I lost the sale because the website didn't work and no one answered the questions.

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