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Scott & I really enjoy dressing up in the evenings to go to dinner after spending the entire day in beachwear. I think it also adds to the romance of the evening to dress it up a bit. It is like going on a special date every night. We love it.
Me Too! Hey you guys, all of you who have posted have given me all kinds of new information. I have never been to a Couples and I am going in five (please go fast) days. I see posts asking questions that I already did and I feel a little silly thinking I asked the same questions. ALL of your posts are helpful and this website is loaded with opinions and facts. We don't think the same. It's OK! You have all made me excited and thank you! YOU are on vacation! Enjoy it your way PLEASE! If the way you dress is unacceptable, I think it is the resorts responsibility to correct that at the time. My boyfriend was dressed up with flip flops and we got turned away for dinner at a resort once. No problem, he went and put on a pair of closed toe sandals. Now, before we go on our long awaited vacation I always say, "Don't forget to bring your pair of dress sandals!" Please do not turn people away from the message board by bickering about minor issues.