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    Default CN boardwalk repair

    We've heard that CN is currently repairing part of the boardwalk.
    The GM had told us in the past that the whole boardwalk will eventually be replaced, but we were informed part is being repaired currently.

    Has anyone there recently seen repairs near the beachgrill bar (under the awning)?
    If you are a tall, champagne in the AM, white wine with lunch person and your s.o. plays volleyball frequently, this means you.
    If not, but you are at CN now, it still means you.
    Anyone see repairs?

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    We just got back from CN and they were doing repairs or something to the part of the deck beside the beach where Heliconia is. but it didn't disturb or inconvenience us whatsoever.

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    Hi Rudi,

    I just flew back from CN after spending 7 nights there. When we arrived part of the boardwalk was cordoned off and they were replacing it. Then they opened this section up and cordoned off another part. As we left, it looked like they would be finished pretty soon. It did not affect our holiday as all bars and restaurants were still available.

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    Thanks for the updates!

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    Very Cute Rudi!!! Will send you an email! Cheers!!
    Art xo Francine

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    I got a decent splinter in my foot when we were there two weeks ago. But they are working on the boardwalk and it should be fixed shortly. YAY

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    we just returned on Tuesday. They are replaceing the deck around the Heleconia, its almost finished. They also painted the floor in the grill area while we were there. the work area was walled off. There was no problems getting to the bar or grill area and the Heleconia was open at night as usual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by denkim View Post
    .... They also painted the floor in the grill area while we were there...
    Again?? They just painted (white paint) the floor in May or June of this year (the entire wood floor from the area where you order at the grill to the step up at the beachgrill bar).

    It looked like they had also recently refreshed the yellow ("warning") paint on the edges to the floor around the bar that cues one there is a step up.

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