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    Default Couples Swept Away - Rooms and Noise

    Help please - we have just booked a GHVS not the Jacuzzi suite just the standard Great House one - has anyone else stayed in one of these that can share with me the noise factor in these rooms? I am afraid of how loud it may get because of being in the Great House.

    Thanks for your time!
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    We met a couple while staying there and they had a room in the Great House. They said it was very quiet. They had been worried also, but were happy to find out that it was fine.

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    We stayed in one this year....honestly the first night it was pretty loud (restaurant sounds). We couldn't move rooms because the resort was at capacity, but after that I didn't notice it as much anyway. Maybe we got used to it, or just went to bed later after that? We did have a nice view of the ocean and were close to the interent cafe & Cabana Grill. Either way it didn't have a negative impact on our trip. CSA was paradise!
    That said, in the future we will probably book a different category. If it is a big concern for you, it is a simple change to make ahead of time. All of the rooms are really beautiful at CSA. Enjoy your trip!

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    We have stayed in the GH. I never heard anything from the bars and restaurant. We were on the 3rd floor and loved the view.

    In fact we booked the GHVS for our trip in May!

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    We also stayed in a GHVS on the 3rd floor and did not have any problems with noise. We usually went to bed between 10PM-11PM each night.

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    We stayed in a GHVS in June and we didn't hear anything. I was nervous reading all the posts here but it was perfectly fine. I loved our room too. We had a beautiful view of the ocean. It was sheer paradise.

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    Stayed in the GH on the second floor. Never heard anything.

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