Hi everyone.

Everyone on this board is so supportive when someone has a family challenge, and unfortunately, now it's my turn to ask for your prayers and blessings.

My husband's (Doug) mom has been admitted to the hospital with what they think was a heart attack. She has been in a nursing home for the last year, and has been in ill health, however, the doctor informed us this morning that this is probably it.

I am asking for prayers for my mom-in-law to know peace and comfort during these last days and for Doug to know the same -- peace and comfort. Doug lost his dad earlier this year, and with it being so close to the holidays, I know this will be especially hard for him. He is also an only child, and his mom is the only family he has left. Please pray that healing comes to him soon and that his mom (Doris) has a peaceful and gentle passing.

With tears in my eyes for your prayers and thanks for all your support.