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    I am all excited about our upcoming trip to CSS October 17. A week on the beach to celebrate our 5th year anniversary. We honeymooned at Swept Away. I want to see the falls so we decided on CSS. We enjoyed Swept Away so much that Iím afraid CSS wonít match our last trip. Who has been to both that can tell me some pros and cons?

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    Hi Sharon: We donít go until June but just thought you may want to look at the February 8th, 2018 post titled NEW 2017 CSS walkthrough video. (under same ďmeet upĒ section). Iíve watched it at least 15 times since we booked in December and am already in love with the beauty of CSS and the various areas to explore on the resort. Enjoy your trip!

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    Our first trip to a Couples resort was CSA also... then we tried CTI, and CSS. We really wanted to try them all, but after we spent a week at CSS we decided that was our favorite one, and there was no point moving on ( 4 trips in a row). Now every year we come back to CSS sometime around late September or early October. This year we will be there 10-5 until 10-14.
    CSA has the nicer of the beaches, but we actually did not like all the vendors there, and CSS is much quieter on the main beach, and also has SSB
    I really enjoyed the food and drinks at each of them... And this is just me, so others dont get all angry, but i feel that the staff and entertainment crew at CSS were happier to be there and a lot more fun.
    I do miss the Catamaran trips to Ricks and the cave that is offered at CSA

    Like any resort there are pros and cons.... that is why all their resorts have different feels, and everyone has their favorite.... but I honestly dont think you can go wrong with any of their resorts

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    We arrive on the October 17th as well so we'll see you there! We'll be staying through the 29th. Our 8th trip to Couples

    You will love CSS just as much as CSA - the beach will not be the same, but it's very private and much better for water sports.

    There's a lot to explore and do at CSS/Ocho Rios - besides Dunn's river there's the Blue Hole and Rafting down the White River (which starts/ends at SSB - just ask for Keith)

    You will find CSS to be much more intimate, private and very relaxing and you may find yourselves alone on many occasions (Find the "hidden" beach/hot tub near the mineral pool).

    If you are going to get a massage - make sure to get it in the round hut that's right by the ocean - it costs a bit more, but well worth it.

    If you are thinking of trying SSB - make sure to go early on your trip - if you're unsure - do what we did - trade places to Tower Island, go on the first boat over and give it a try - there will be very few people on the island so if it's not for you, you can leave without anyone knowing...

    The one bit of advice I'd give - be ready to explore - there's lot's of ways to get around the resort, so if the stairs are bothering you - find the elevator by the spa... Not liking the main beach because you can't float/swim like at CSA? Move over to the mineral pool beach and swim there (you'll find a sandy bottom and deeper water)

    Go to SSB - even if it's not until sunset when it becomes clothing optional as there's something amazing about that whole area - very beautiful.

    Everything else - food, drinks, staff, entertainment, cleanliness/comfort of rooms should be on par with CSA - at times better

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