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    Default Amount to tip Minister and resort Photographer?

    I am wondering what is average to tip these guys, we are on a budget and I want to make sure I have everything covered!

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    Is it customary to tip them? I would not tip the photographer. The price of photos is already outrageous. Also isn't the minister getting some of the $200 fee? Do people usually tip the caterer? The florist? It seems odd to me. Am I being a total cheapskate?

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    We got married on 11/28 and we didn't tip anyone--- it didn't seem appropriate, and I do think they get the fees mentioned. We didn't have any upgrades or anything, and we did use the resort photographer.

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    We tipped the minister around $30. We also tipped the outside photographer $40 & our videographer $20.

    At the end of the day I think it's a personal choice.

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    I agree with the above post. If you want to I'm sure it's appreciated but I doubt it's expected. I'm sure just as many people tip compared to those who don't. It's all about your budget and what you can afford but I wouldn't worry too much about it either way. Just have a good time and enjoy your special day

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    When I got married the first time in a church, I tipped everyone.

    I got married at CSA 11/7/09 and I was thinking the same thing. What to tip. The minister, photographer, spa or beauticians are people you can tip. I did my own hair, so I tipped myself and said "Wow now that's some georgeous hair!" We tipped the minister and photographer 30.00 each. I "gifted" Melissa and Kanisha who were the wedding coordinators on sight. I bought them some Bath and Body works stuff.

    I have no idea how much, if any, they get from the resort, but it is a personal choice, and whatever makes you feel comfortable is what you should do.
    Congratulations and no worries mon!

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    Thank you all for your opinions, we leave tomorrow for Jamaica!! Getting very excited

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