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    Default The thing about hanging your laundry and towels outside your room


    I hope this does not offend anyone, however, we really do frown on the practice of hanging you laundry and towels outside your room, either on the balcony railing or with a handmade clothesline of sorts.

    We are trying our best to maintain a romantic vibe at all resorts, we are meticulous about our landscaping, and, with all due respect, it creates an unsightly scene and disturbs the architectural ambiance of the resort.

    Your Cooperation is greatly appreciated.

    Couples Resorts

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    My wife and I just got back from Swept Away on Dec 5th. During that time we saw many towels and swim suits hanging on the balcony railings and we thought that it really detracted from the overall appearance of the resort. We agree completely with Randy on this. Besides we find that everything dries faster when hung up inside.

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    Thanks Randy - we agree completely. The grounds at CN are beautiful and it's a shame to have the look ruined by towels and scuba gear hanging over the railing on the balcony.

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    Sounds fair enough - we'll keep the towels inside from now on.

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    Thankyou Randymon!!!!.....Well said!
    I thought it was just me that didn't like seeing other peoples "smalls" hanging over the balcony rail!!

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    I also agree with Randymon. We found that hanging things to dry in the bathroom over the shower curtain rod worked much better than laying them over the back of a chair on the veranda. Things just never seem to totally dry out when they're left outdoors in the humidity.

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    Presumably we can still hang things on the towel rail provided on the balcony, or are you planning to remove them too?

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    Yikes - some folks can get real testy it seems. Never having stayed there, I had no idea there were 'hanging laundry' issues at the resorts. But it's a fair request, so we'll make sure to honor it.

    BTW, do the bathrooms have those clotheslines usually found inside the tubs, you know where you pull the line out, run it across and hook it it to the other end of the tub? If not, that could be an alternative to consider installing, as it provides a line for folks to hang up their wet laundry. No, it wouldn't dry as fast as it would hanging outdoors, but it's better than no line at all.

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    I assume that the towel rails can still be used as they are perpendicular to the railing (at least at TI)

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    Default Couples with Class

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Randy. We absolutely agree. When one goes to a world class resort, expects wolrd class service (and it is delivered always) with such graciousness-be it with a smirk, smile or grin but 99% with most sincerity how unclassy of some guests -and that we are- to air their laundry, towels, ect. On Balconies . Bravo to you for being a voice for most of us. Many of us have thought it and you said it. Let us all say No Problem Mon .

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    I don't really understand. We were in a Garden Verandah suite at CSA 1.5 years ago, and there was a towel rack on the outside wall within our patio. Also, if we aren't supposed to hang anything outside on the patio, then please provide a clothesline in the bathtub area where we can hang items to dry. Unless items are hung up in the closet (which doesn't make sense), there's really nowhere to really hang anything in the room. I don't like putting anything over the shower curtain rod because I have found that sometimes the metal stains fabric, either from the metal itself or the curtain rod being dirty.

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    What? Did you think that it would be easy??


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    I am always worried that if you hang your stuff (swimsuits/towels) on the railing,they will blow off of fly away with the wind! Then I have to embarrasingly go and get it! I do not see this as a big deal personally because I don't do it but when I see towels etc. hanging I think, cool, there are other guests and they are in that room! My feelings are, let people enjoy their trips and clothes hanging etiquette the way they see fit! However, I will make anyone a deal, if they pay for me and my boyfriend to stay at a couples for a week, then I will not put anything out to dry period! It's a promise!

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    I agree with Randy. There is proper etiquette that should be maintained.

    I think this subject should be added to “FAQ’s” page.

    It’s all good.

    CSA soon come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markandjannett View Post
    As if nobody is peeing in the water at the swim-up bar when some sit there for HOURS and never leave.... LOL !!!
    This is the main reason why we don't sit at the swim up bar. LOL.

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    I guess I should have known that trying to state a simple concern from the owners would morph into something more than what was intended. :-) and :-(

    Simple enough - it is ok to use the towel rack installed into the wall on the outside of some verandahs/balconies. It is not cool to set up clotheslines and/or drape towels and/or clothes over the railings...

    Couples Resorts

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