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    Default A Sunday Love Letter from Rosie to Jim

    I just called Jim and read this wonderful letter from his DW Rosie:

    "Dear Jim,
    15 years ago my life was untamed and open ended. I was facing a life of unknowing challenges. Little did you know you were part of that open ended book called, “Rosie’s Life”. When you came into this story, first impressions were probably more than a curiosity and not exactly burning desire and lust.

    Somewhere in those years before our marriage a spark was ignited, without either of us being aware of what was to be the beginning of our wonderful future. 2 years later with a path of uncertainty still unfolding before us we took a leap of faith of our love for each other. Being as uncertain as I was, you were always sure of us as one. You knew we could withstand all that life was about to deal us. You have brought so many treasures into my life.

    Before we head off to CTI for a beautiful 10 days of just being with each other, a time to breathe and rest easy in each other arms, I want to thank you for who you are and all that you do. I want to thank you for working long hours to support your family, and make our lives the best it can be. I know there were nights when you never slept but you kept doing it for us. I want to thank you for being a loving, nurturing and a caring man, I am so proud to be in your life. You have supported me through, sadness and frustrations. You are slow to anger and you are so patient with me. I thank God for sending you to me. I am stronger person because of you. I pray he will send us many more years together with love, peace and prosperity. Every day is better than the last.

    I am so thankful we established a friendship before we fell in love; this helped in building our foundation for our marriage, and helped us to grow and flourish.

    Finally, I need you to know, my life would not be the same without you. This week with every day and every memory we share together our love will grow deeper and stronger. So, let’s enjoy each of the moments over the next week, let’s cherish our love and promises we made to each other 12 years ago.
    I am glad God picked me to share a life with you; I cannot wait to see what God holds for us as we go forward hand in hand.
    All my love always, Rosie"

    We are looking forward to welcoming Jim and Rosie home again to Couples Tower Isle.
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    I'm smelling a trip to the jewelry store here! Can't wait to see you guys (but we won't be to the jewelry store with you this year).


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    You two are such a beautiful couple inside and out! Can't wait to see you in a few days!

    Much Love!

    Joy and Robert

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