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    Default After 3 long years...

    We will finally be returning home in Dec '10 to celebrate our 25th anniversary. We first discovered Couples in 2005 when we renewed our vows for our 20th anniversay. Shortly thereafter my husband began having severe back pain. We returned to CN in 2007 but he dealt with pain the whole trip. In Feb 2008 he had intensive back surgery (8 hrs) by a overzealous doctor (a very well respected overzealous doctor) and has spent the better part of 2 yrs rehabing. It has been a life changing event for both of us as my hard working, harding playing husband has had to learn to redefine his life. Though somewhat slower and much more subdued than before, life is finally starting to get back to normal. I can see, in my minds eye, the peace that comes over us as we enter the Couples lobby and I cannot tell you how much we are looking forward and anticipating our return. 3 nights at CSA (to try something new) and 4 nights at CN (to return to what we know and love). Thanks for letting me share. Lis

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    Welcome back home!! I hope you and your hubby's trip is amazing, sounds as if it is LLOONNGG overdue!!

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