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    Default water on the island ?

    have they fixed the pluming problem on the island yet ?

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    It was fine last July when we were there--well fine for Jamaica.

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    No problem Mon when we were there 3 weeks ago

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    It was great at CN last week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by squally80 View Post
    have they fixed the pluming problem on the island yet ?
    When was it not working? And what wasn't working? I noticed last year when we were there that if they are filling up the pool the toilet fills very slow. A few times when the bathroom was in high demand we turned off the hose to the pool and the toilet filled up much quicker.

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    Jim, so you are planning on CTI again?? When??

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    Default water problem on island.

    o.k. let me ask the question again. We were at cti. in nov. of last year and the water running to the nude island was broken, have they fixed the problem yet?

    thanks in advance

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    I know last september when my wife and I were snorkeling around the island we noticed the water line had a leak going to the island... we did let the water staff know and the approx location of the leak... not sure if that is why the pressure is low but I am sure it doesnt help.

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    Default dav and rae

    Will be at css for seven days and cti for three, due to the bad experience we had at cti last year. Email me at squally 80 @ and i will tell you all about it.
    Jim and linda.

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    I know when we were at CSS last November, they had shut down the Island for a couple of days to fix a water line. They ended up bringing people to SSB outside of trading places. I imagine this may of been resolved.

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