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    I have a quick question for those of you who have been to CTI before. I am told we can't reserve our rooms before the trip, but can request rooms once we get there. We are booked for a deluxe ocean room. Is it better to be in block #1 or block #4?? Thanks for any tips! Can't wait to leave!! 8 days and counting...

    Jess and Mark

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    Either one is fine. I'd be happy to send you the map that shows where each building is located ( One is above the original pool, the other is above the new swim-up pool bar. We always book a Deluxe Ocean at CTI and both of these buildings have a great view of the ocean and beach. Building 4 has more floors than 1 so you could be a little higher. I'd also be happy to share our pics if it will help you visualize it. You will LOVE CTI!!
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