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    Default The Weather!

    We will be there on 7-11!!!!!!! Can anyone let us know what the weather has been like the last week or so?
    We are in FL and it has rained almost grass but no time for sun.

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    As of May 14, 2009, Couples has installed an Automatic Weather Station (AWS) at CSA.

    Follow this link to see the results.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    NeedBlue is correct, however the link is incorrect.

    The correct link is:

    at this time we only have it at CSA. I will update you when/if this changes.
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    We just got back from CSA Saturday the 27 and we were there a whole week and honestly it was SUNNY the WHOLE WEEK even though it said Rain on weather station so dont go by what you see.

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    Default The weather was great! No worries mon'!

    We just got back from CSS last night.We were ther 06/24-07-01. The weather was absolutely beautiful! It rained off and on most of the day Sunday. Besides that, if it did rain it only lasted about 20 min. The sun came right back out and it was so hot you couldn't even tell it had rained. The entire week was beautiful and very hot!So be sure to stay hydrated and bring your straw hat, sun glasses and sunscreen.

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    Thanks Sean. I wonder why my link didn't copy correctly? A computer is only as useful as its user.
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    I wouldn't worry about the weather to much. First, there is noting that you can do about it. And second, does it really matter you are after all in paradise. Way different then being at home in the rain, at home you think of all the things that you need to do because you can't be out side. In Jamaica if it rains all you have to do is go to the pool bar and have a drink. No worries mon!

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    We were at CSA 6/13 to 6/27 and it rained a lot in the afternoons the first week and we really enjoyed it. We missed it the second week when it was sunny all the time. It was gorgeous from daybreak to about 1 pm and then the clouds would roll in. Two days we had huge thunderstorms and sheets of rain and it was exciting to run for cover to a beach bar, have a few drinks, hang out huddled with the other refugees. One day it rained so hard we ended up standing in water up to our ankles.

    We also spent time resting in our hammock in our room watching the rain. It was very romantic.

    The rain always cleared within an hour or 2 and left beautiful sunsets and lovely starlit nights.

    One of my favorite memories is snorkeling in the rain.

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