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    I've been here for a while, even posted a handful of replies. Every day for the last 100 work days, I began by stopping in for a short (long) visit to the site. I've learned lots about my destination, I feel prepared for the heat and craftspeople, I even know that I don't want to miss the great banana-stuffed french toast! I don't see how I could be more prepared.

    Sunday I will marry the most wonderful man alive. And Tuesday I will arrive in Jamaica and stay for almost two weeks, including a week at CSA. I cannot wait.

    But since this is my last work day (hours) I wanted to post a quick thank you. There will be a very detailed trip report and pictures to pay it forward.

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    You will LOVE it! I watched the message board for months before we went last month. The information was invaluable. Nothing you have read though will quite prepare you for the experience you are about to go through. We went last week and it was absolutely incredible.......words are hard to describe but I know why everyone is a Coupleholic and you will be too once you get there.

    Good luck on your wedding....hope all your dreams come true and enjoy your Couples vacation. Can't wait to hear the review when you get back!

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    I second cleversoles comments.....I spent 2 years on this board before I came to CN this past April......just relax! and enjoy.....everything you want is there...... My wife LOVED the all inclusive...not worrying about the cost of every little thing, removed half of lifes stresses.....enjoy!

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    You're welcome. Make sure to check out the martini bar above the Palms and do some snorkeling. You are gonna have a blast. Congrats on the upcoming marriage. CSA Rocks!

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    I hope your trip is amazing!!!

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