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    Default The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    The Good: Hubby is back to work after being laid off July 3rd (our departure date for CTI)

    The Bad: He has a new job and won't have any vacation time come July 2010, so we will only have a long weekend.

    The Ugly: This means not enough time to make our trip trip to CTI in July. Oh how I hate typing those words!

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    Wow - So sorry for your loss of vaca.

    I guess we made a good decision to go to CSS anyway despite my hubbies job loss Nov 1. When I booked they asked if we wanted trip insurance to cover job loss and we opted not thinking if he lost his job we would need a vaca more than ever.

    CSS come soon - 5 sleeps to go.

    Ya Mon!

    Job hopes are for him to begin Jan 5th.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    I think having a job is the best news. Maybe you can't do CTI in July, but you'll (hopefully) have the money to do another, longer vacation later.

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    Thanks. We did go this last July and left on his last "official" day of work. But this year, he won't get vacation time until next November.

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    That is definitely the good, the bad, and the UGLY!!!! Hate to hear that you are losing your CTI fix...maybe something will work out later. I will keep my fingers crossed just in case

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    Vickie...I am soo sorry to hear about your July CTI trip... totally sucks! But am soooo glad to hear that Michael has gotten a job! That is wonderful news, and means that you can go in July 2011!! Or sooner if he gets vacation sooner... Heck... if he gets vacation after a year, you might be able to swing a 5 day Christmas in 2010... Keep your chin up and look on the positive side of things. Miss you guys!

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    Using a 1-10 scale to give these three descriptions their proper weight, this is how I would apply them:

    The good: 10 points
    The bad: 1 point
    The ugly: 1 point

    The fact that hub landed a new job in this wretched economy dwarfs any vacation plans or wishes. That's not to sound cruel or dismiss your love for Couples, but without a job, everything else eventually crumbles anyway. So long as employment is not a concern in your household, you'll always have Couples as a future vacation on the long term agenda. Be very glad your situation is on the upswing, many folks can't say likewise.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Everything will work out, it always does.

    Irie Mon

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    See there Vicki!! There is always hope

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    After losing my job of 20 yrs in May, I pray everyday to find a job, there is always next year! Be grateful for work, and a regular paycheck!

    We have a trip booked for April, but if I am fortunate to find a job.......and if they don't let me have it off. Job comes first.

    Congrats on working!

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    Please don't get me wrong. I am very thankful that he was able to get a job. I just wish he liked it, but it's a job. I am a teacher, so my salary is, well, a teacher's salary in one of the lowest paying states in the nation. My hubby has also spoiled me for the past years. So I will bite the bullet and hang in there and hope all works out.

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    Congrats to Michael on the job!

    Here's another positive angle.................

    By skipping a summer, that will give y'all more time to save and maybe stay loooooooooonger in 2011!!!

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    Thanks Gary. Sorry we missed you guys this last year. Maybe next time or are you heading down the street?

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