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    Default Calling all curly hair ladies!

    I have very thick, wavy, long hair. I am just wondering if anyone has any tips for hair while in the jamaican heat and humiidity. I want to keep in minimal because we are on vacation and I dont want to bring my whole bathroom with me. My hair has always been bone straight until I had kids and now it is all kinks and waves. TIPS PLEASE! thanks

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    If you have long hair, braids are your best bet. You can do the salon mini-braids if you want, but I usually get by with a single braid or pigtails. You're probably going to end up with wet hair at some point during the day, so this prevents problems with washed out product leaving you annoyed later.

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    I usually wear my hair pulled back and clipped up during the day. At night a bit of hair spray can help. When I blow dry/flat iron my hair I use CHI. That seems to work.

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    Hi Goody;

    I have curly hair too but I use a flat iron to get it straight. In Jamaica, I end up shampooing it everynight before dinner, straightnening, curling the ends and if I'm lucky I make it to the soup before it starts getting out of control.
    I take my blowdryer, flat iron and curling iron with me. I found last time that a good goop like Garnier anti frizz serum really helps, I use their anti-humidity shampoo and conditioner and the anti humidity spray as well.
    I usually end up in a ponytail by the time the entertainment starts, but at least it looks half decent for dinner.

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    goodygirl - I've been a "curly girl" all my life. For me, I just pulled it back and called it done. Brought lots of conditioner because the salt water is very harsh on our type of hair. My hair probably never really dried the entire time I was there and I opted to enjoy my time there rather than worry about what my hair looked like.

    I guess that you could opt to get it braided, but honestly, just pulling it back in a ponytail or bun was the best bet for me.

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    Wearing it up. Wearing it natural. Don't worry about your hair. Go and have a great time. Another thing you may want to consider is Keratin Coppola conditioning treatment. I get one done every 3-5 months. Really cuts down on curl and frizz and its great for your hair. I have very curly hair as well. A couple of times I just let it dry to a soft wave whereas without the treatment it would be frizz. Its the best thing I ever did. Ilove it, and its not a straiting treatment or anything that's bad for your hair. Its really good for your hair. Just another option.

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    I met a gorgeous curly when we were there in 8/09 for our 15th anniv. She looked just like Rebecca Gayheart only more gorgeous! I asked her what she used on her fabulous curls. She told me Pantene Pro-V gel. Get the stuff for curly hair. g/l

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    Get it braided

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    I had the same thing - straight hair until I hit a certain age. The older I get, the wavier it gets. I used to try to straighten it in Jamaica, as I normally do at home. I eventually just gave up. It would look fine in the room, in the air conditioning. As soon as we would walk outside, it would frizz up. I realized just letting it go curly looked better than my frizzed up attempt at straightening it. The good thing about the humidity is it gets really curly, unlike at home where it's just kind of an icky frizzy most months of the year. So I bring some products that encourage curl, like John Freida stuff (can't remember the name, it's a spray), spray it on and just scrunch it a bit as it air dries. It's less stressful than trying to fight nature, and it ends up looking better.

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    Ponytail all day for diving. Then when out of the salt water for the day, soak it with extra conditioner, add Carol's Daughter hair milk and just let it do it's thing.

    I do have a small portable foam diffusing thingy that will fit on those hotel blow dryers, but only use it as a last resort. Ditto for the tiny travel flat iron, but don't normally mess with that either..

    Just let those curls fly! :-)

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    I have very thick, long, natural spiral curls and I live in the south. I use lots of conditoner, shampoo only ever other day and use furtis leave in conditoner and anti friz serum. I leave the chi and the hair dryer at home. I let mine dry naturally do not touch it and my hair is never frizzy in Jamaica. If only I could duplicate that at home

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    I use Aveda products on my naturally curly/wavy hair. At home, I straighten it, but in JA it's just a big joke. I wash it before dinner, lightly diffuse it so it's not totally dry and put some gel and shine in it. (I like the Aveda Brilliant Styling Creme and Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid, but my hair is really thick and coarse.)

    Then my hair naturally dries the rest of the way either during pre-dinner drinks or during the appetizer course. It looks nice and soft and wavy and never gets out of control, since I don't subject it to too much heat styling.

    This DOES entail bringing my own hair dryer with diffuser, though, since you can't fit a diffuser on the resort blow dryers. The flat iron, alas, stays at home.

    If I DON'T feel like stying it, I'll put it in a French Braid. During the day, it's definitely braided.

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    I'm another curly girl and I swear by Curl Keeper. It's the best!

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    Let it go..... I have super curly hair. I NEVER use my flat iron while I am there. Morcan Oil works wonders, try it to cut down on frizz. Good Luck and have a blast!

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    Please tell me more about this treatment. Can you do it yourself or does the hairdresser have to do it? Is it like a lacquer or more of a conditioner? Will it work on streaked hair?


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    Bring a spray you can use during the day for "beachy hair". All hair lines have one- the one from Sunsilk us as good as those from Redken and Phyto. Spray it on as much as you want, wet and dry. Check out Moroccan Oil- it's wonderful!!!!

    Wear your hair natural , don't fight it with irons.

    Braiding and beading thick hair is a hassle and expensive. Plus your hair will be awful when you take them out. ( besides, unless you're Bo Derek that's not a great look )

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    wish I could help...I was just looking at our pics from CN 2005 and NONE of them have my hair down because of that exact issue! I don't care about the day, but at night it would be nice to try it down. I am bringing Aveda phollient and Be Curly which they tell me will help with the friz...we will see! When are you going? I can tell you if it works for me in about 4-5 days

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    This is a big problem of mine as well, I don't have nice curls, I have frizz uncontrollable crap! The humidity in JA is terrible, much worse than Mexico for sure! I am like Marnies I can get to maybe soup and it is frizzing, I can actually feel it, I hate it. I have considered professional straightening, but it is very expensive. I live in ponytails, and hats on vacation!

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    thanks ladies I'll be the one on the beach with the frizzy hair. HA HA

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    thanks to all of you curly heads out there. I was wondering the same thing, I've been growing my thick nat. curly hair long and if i let it go i frizz out terrible. I,m going to try some of your tricks.

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    Okay girls!! well I just had my first Keratin Hair treatment Saturday & I LOVE IT AS WELL!! I have wavy hair but it gets so frizzy & dry and puffs in the humidity. My hair salon said I should do it and I did!! It's safe & gentle, no chemicals. It's like a deep deep conditioning treatment that it brushed onto your hair, then sealed with a straight iron. You can't wash it or wet it for 3 days!! Tomorrow I can finally wash it!! but my hair is already soft and so shiny and straight!! It rained today and while I stayed under the umbrella my hair did not frizz!!
    It's not cheap (depends where you go) but you only do it every 3 months. So maybe think about doing it before you go

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    Its a deep conditioning. Can be applied on colored or streaked hair. You can color your hair right before treatment, but not until 2 weeks after the treatment. It locks in the color and gives your hair a great shine. Its the best thing I ever did, and having something done that is actually good for your hair. Ovet time, it even gets better and better. Don't do it on your own. A trained professional should do it. Someone you trust and trained in this. Make sure its not a straigntening treatment but the kerratin coppola. Once in you can't swet or get your hair wet for 72 hours. If you do, just blow dry and use flat iron. After 3 days, wash with shampoo without sodium chloride. I just use kerratin products. Can go to their website or by in salon. Salt water supposedly will make it come out faster. I was told just to put conditioner in before going into water. Rinse out after. I did that. No problem. I even had nice hair on the beach. I do it about every 3-5 months. It lasts about that long. I can go without blowing my hair without frizz, just a nice soft wave, or blow it straight in a quarter of the time. I love it. If you want any more information, I would be happy to give it to you. It can cost anywhere from $200-$350 depending on lenght of hair, hairdresser,...
    Mary Ann

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    Default curly hair

    I have naturaly curly hair and used the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum, Extra Strength Formula - it worked great!!! I loved the product. This picture was taken in the evening at CTI. I wore my hair down and up during our stay.
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    Default correction on product

    Hey there - wanted to make a correction to the name of hte product I used while in Jamaica - it is the John Frieda 'Weather Works' Style Sealant Cream. A little bit will go a long ways. I also used Pantene Curly Mouse along with it on some days. I put the cream on first, comb it through and then put the mouse on and scrunch my hair.


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    Yes, I agree with many of the posters - Just wear it curly. I use a flat iron in my normal day to day life, but the humidity in Jamaica was unbelievable and I'm sure it wouldn't have lasted there. I would generally pull my hair back during the day on the beach, take a shower at 5pm to get ready for dinner, use Garnier Fructis Curl Construct mousse and go.

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