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    Default Rooms at CSA - Need help ASAP

    I'm about to book a trip at CSA and was looking for some feedback re: the atrium vs. garden view verandah suites. I'm aware of the differences in the room. I'm just curious about the location of the garden view verandah suites. Are they along the road? Are they noisy? Any help you can provide re: locations would help!


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    Yes. The GVS back up to the main road. The Atrium suites are in the center on the property between the beachfront and garden Suites. I haven't stayed in either, but my guess would be that the Atriums are less noisy.

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    I'd be happy to send you the map ( The Garden Verandah Suites (no view in the name) are located on the third row of buildings back from the beach, near the road, and on the side by the GreatHouse.

    If you look at the Panoramic view from the website, the Garden Verandahs are the last four buildings on the right on the back row. An arrow points to one of them.
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    Stayed in Garden Verandah suite last Aug, no noise problem that we noticed. Yes they are near the road, but it's not exactly and interstate freeway......

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