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    Default Breakfast at CSS

    We will be arriving at CSS on Christmas Eve...YAY!!!! Is on the the restaurants open for ala carte breakfast???

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    The only choices you have for breakfast @ CSS is either/both room service continental breakfast and the elaborate breakfast buffet. The buffet does have an omlet station where they make omlets,eggs, pancakes and waffles to rder
    Sorry to say no alacarte brekafast restaurant

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    I dont know about Christmas Eve specifically but normally CSS has a buffet for breakfast. They do make your omelets fresh in front of you. The room service breakfast is more continental with a basket of rolls, danish and coffee and juice. We always do one early on the patio and then the full breakfast after we go down to get ready to's such a hard life.....have fun and enjoy!!!

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    Thank you all for your responses. We too love the continetal breakfast on the patio, when we were at CSA. We then would move to the restaurant. I'm sure we won't be disappointed. Just looking for options.

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    You have the right idea, have the room service, pot of coffee, pick a bit at fruit or muffins, take your time waking up on the balcony, then move down to the buffet, get your omelet, eggs, waffles etc. Mimosa or Bloody Mary, then move to the beach or pool, then start thinking about lunch... CSS is very special!

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    ok now I am hungry! Since it is only my DH and I at home, we are limiting the food we have been buying so when we leave in 2 1/2 days to catch our flight "home" we won't leave food that will spoil in the fridge. If this keeps up I am going to be very hungry once I get to CSS!! LOL

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    It's actually a little more than a typical continental breakfast from room service, since you can get fruit and cottage cheese and lox and I think a couple other cold, but there's nothing cooked and hot, like eggs or breakfast meats, etc.

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