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    Default CTI 1st AN experience Jan 2010

    My girlfriend and I will be heading to CTI for the first time Jan 5-12, we are looking forward to our first AN experience other than in our own backyard LOL, Will anyone else be at CTI in early January ? Any advice as in what to expect for our first AN experience would be greatly appreciated, cya soon CTI we cant wait 65 days to go WOOHOO

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    Hi we will be there jan 9 thru 15 its our first time too were getting married on the beach the 13th have fun might see u there lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilliesFan View Post
    My girlfriend and I will be heading to CTI for the first time Jan 5-12, we are looking forward to our first AN experience other than in our own backyard LOL, Will anyone else be at CTI in early January ? Any advice as in what to expect for our first AN experience would be greatly appreciated, cya soon CTI we cant wait 65 days to go WOOHOO
    Have no expectations. The island is what you make of it. "Go right" (you'll get it when you get there) and you'll have all the solitude you want. "Go left" and you'll hang out near the pool and bar, meet great people, and think to yourselves "What's the big deal about being nekkid."

    Either way, you'll LOVE it!

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    My advice is in 65 days when you get there go straight to the island and have fun. You will meet the best group of people out there and some may become life long friends.

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    Go, it is a blast! Our only regret is that we were on our third trip to CTI before we ever went to the island. We had talked about it every time, but for one reason or another, we never went. Last year, we went the first day and, now, can't wait until next June to get back.

    On another note, I have been thinking about the common question that many people ask on the MB. Although they are often phrased differently, many times the question surrounds concerns that each of us have about what our body looks like versus what others look like. So here is my take on it and I hope it helps all that read it.

    On each trip we have taken to Couples that we did not go to the island, we met many wonderful people, but I can truly tell you that I don't remeber what any of them look like much less their names or where they were from. The people I met on the island, however, when I hear their name, I can see their face so vividly. I remember all their names, their faces, and where they are from like I have known them since my childhood. Now don't think this is because I stared at their faces to avoid looking at their "assests". You can't help but notice "everything" about a person when they are walking around naked in front of you. Yet, I can't tell you if they were a body builder type, a couch potato, long, short, big busted or small. It is hard to understand until you have actually experienced it, but the physical makeup of a person is just not that important on the island and I would assume that it is the same way at the other AN spots at the other Couples resorts. The fact that most all of us that met out there regularly communicate by email, phone, facebook, etc. does mean a lot. The fact that there are 6-8 couples that have already booked their next vacation to be there again together does mean a lot.

    So, if you have the slightest thought or question about whether you want to go or not...... I tell you this....lay down your inhibitions, questions, and doubts. Go out to the island, relax, enjoy, and it will be an experience that you will never regret. You will make some new friends that will be your friends for life.

    Hang in there guys, you know who I am talking to.....June is coming quick!!

    Best Wishes to all,

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    I have to agree with what Billy said in full. I think the reason we all become friends is that we have nothing to hide. We a showing people that this is all I am and all I got. LOL. Take it or leave it. You don't hide behind your designer clothes to hide behind. It is the hardest thing to describe. When I tell my friends about my wife and I going out to the island. They ask what do you do when someone looks at your wife. The thing is is that people look and check out people more when they are in a bathing suite. However the freeness (if that is a word) and the natural feelings you get when you are out there are undescribable. It is amazing.

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    Default Hi from the UK

    WE are also arriving 5 Jan 2010 until 19 Jan. This is our second trip. The first was in 2001. We did not go to the island on the first trip but haver since had AN trip in Europe and had a great time. This time I guess we will be over there most days. I agree with comments that say once you have tried AN other beaches etc just arent the same. For me the feeling of freedom is simply great. Cant wait to be back in Jamaica.

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    Default Cti

    My advise for first timers is to go first thing in the morning, and head toward the right of the island away from the pool. Make yourself comfortable, and when the bar opens grab a couple of drinks and you will eventually end up down by the pool were if you want to socialize you can. We have been to CTI 6 times when it was called Couples Ocho Rios. We spent our entire week at the island. We are now enjoying Sans Souci for our second time in 2010. Just Enjoy!!

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    My advice to all the nervous newbies is go and just let the magic soothe you´re nerves.
    Nobody is going to jump you or point at you or laugh , everyone is the same without clothes and as long as you both want to be there then there really is¨ no problem¨.
    See you all from the 28th Dec to 11th Jan.

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    We will be at CTI on the 6th..our first time at tower Isle, though we are spending 31st-6th at Sans Souci. This will be our second visit to San Souci. We loved the place and the beach, but we thought we would give tower Isle a try as well.
    The 8th will be Cori's big 50 so it will be party time on the Isle.
    I have to agree with everyone here... being naked is the great equaliser.
    At first you may be a little nervous. Cori was her first time, as i dragged her down to sunset beach .. it was a case of "ok we will go this once, but don't want to be here everyday". She dragged me down every day after that...she loved it.
    This may sound odd but it seems that people are friendlier when they are naked.

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    To LDFlesher: We went to the island our first trip to COR, as it was called at the time, met a couple on the island who got married at the resort. We attended their wedding, signed their marriage license as their witnesses and we have been friends with them ever since. We will be going back to CTI in 2011 with them as well as some others that we have met on the island. We will be celebrating their 5th anniversary on that trip. You never know who you will meet on the island but you will come away with new friends that you will stay in touch with through email, facebook, etc. Enjoy your amazing vacation!!
    Heidi Sweet Cheeks

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    We just finished shoveling out from 20 inches of snow on the Jersey shore so it's time to get outta here...My wife and I will arrive on Dec 31 and be there until Jan 11 so we will probably see you there.

    As far as the AN experience is concerned just go and have fun! Although this will be our first time at CTI we've done CN 5 times...once you go nekkid you won't ever want to suit up again!

    See you on the 5th!

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