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    Default Which resort has best access to routes for long runs?

    DH and I are planning a stay at one of the couples resorts in early March. I'll be heavily into my Boston Marathon training, and know I will want to keep running a lot. Which of the resorts has the best and safest access for routes for long runs? I prefer running outside and would rather not run 10+ miles on the track or treadmill.


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    Default Runs

    If you go to CSA you can run on the jogging track which is aprox. 1km(.6 mile) long . It is better then the alternative of running on the road which can be a little dicey!!!!!!!!!!The track winds though the fitness complex on the outside of the tennis courts. I've been to CTI and have seen CN and CSS and I believe the only running solutuion is the road as well.

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    CSS has a paved walking/running track. It goes around a large pond and I think it's a half mile long.

    CSA is on a 5 mile beach if you'd rather run in sand.

    CN is on a 2 mile beach, but I don't think you could walk/run for the entire 2 miles.
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    CSA would suit your needs best, you can run on the beach for miles.
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    If you don't mind running on the beach, CSA IMHO, is the best. Neither CTI nor CSS have any kind of long run routes. At CSA, you can get in many miles (upwards of seven) without having to repeat ANY of your run. You'll do a little offroading and will have to run on the beach, but it's a good, safe run.

    Otherwise, you CAN do the track at the fitness center, but that's only 1/2 mile I think. I would NOT want to run on the side of the road in JA.

    Just another point, though: wherever you run, make sure you bring a hydration system of some type. It's hot, and you'll need the water.

    Congrats on qualifying for Boston. That's awesome.

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    Thanks, Vee, cubismo, wally, and sasky! CSA is the resort which we're tending toward, so I think this will seal the deal!

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    Much as I LOVE CN, it's not a place for runners. You can walk maybe a mile each way, but you have to dodge beach chairs at other resorts along the way. The beach is gorgeous, wonderful, perfect for everything except long runs. I'd go with CSA.

    However . . . CN does have a workout room w/treadmills. Yeah, I know it's not the same, but . . .

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    On the beach side, CSA is definitely the best since it's on 7 mile beach. CN would be second, but CSS and CTI have too small of a beach to run on. I wouldn't run on the road at any resort, since in most places, it's not very safe. The road is basically one lane with no sidewalk or edge. You'd be running in the grass on the side of the road, which can be rocky, with the occasional goat tied up.
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