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    Hey there, everyone! I know what everyone is already thinking, but my bf is a diehard college basketball fan. There are just 1 or 2 games that he really wants to see. So, is there ESPN/ESPN2 at CSS? If so, is it on any TV (in the rooms) or is is at a particular bar?

    That being said, I don't plan on watching much TV at all during my fabulous vacation.

    Thanks to everyone ahead of time for helping me out with your answers.

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    Yes, you will happy to know that @ CSS you will get ESPN/ESPN II in the flat screen TV's in your room

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    It is available in the rooms. Call room service and have them deliver some beers to your room to enjoy during the game.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    The tv in our room was able to swivel so that it was viewable in bed or in the sitting area. We liked and used that feature.

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    P.S. maybe you will be like I was, while he caught up on the sports, I was able to update friends and family via Facebook and Yahoo Instant Messenger. The Internet in our room worked great and was easy to connect to. I was also able to listen to KISS 104 in Atlanta via the Internet; our Housekeepers liked that too. Have Fun!!

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