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    I wrote this piece about three years ago after returning from our most recent trip. I think it's worth reading again. It deals with the infamous "island" at CTI. That little plot of land has been inviting couples to explore the unknown. To truly, let it all hang out. Nude, naked, undressed, no clothes. I tell everyone that it is an incredibly empowering experience for both of you.

    April 26, 2015 ∑

    I look around this eclectic group of naked strangers. Young and old thrown together in these unimaginable surroundings. Itís entirely possible that on some other level, we may have nothing in common. Nothing that we could base a long time relationship on. All these different backgrounds, different countries, different in so many ways.

    Then, how could all these people be getting along with one another so well? What binds us together? What makes it possible? What are the underlying factors?

    Surprisingly enough, the answer is incredibly simple. And while it may not be suitable for everyone, it is definitely something more people should get a chance to experience for themselves.

    Get naked. Thatís it. Thatís the great revelation that can free your heart, mind, body, and soul. Stripped to the bare naked truth. No cover-ups of any kind. Put it right out there, so to speak. Let em hang where they will. We all got em. Either a set of these or a set of those.
    Oh, did I mention that this getting naked thing should be done with complete strangers? Thatís very important.
    Generally speaking, your co-workers and neighbors are best not included in this group. Interestingly enough, after these strangers get together for the first time, they very often become very good friends with one another. Thus the next time everyone gets together, it will be even more fun.
    This wonderful, healthy, enlightening occurrence is a sure fire way to strike up a conversation with someone you have never seen before in your life. Being completely exposed to one and all takes the worry out of having the right clothes on or worrying about being from some particular state or country.

    Yes, friends, I have seen this dazzling experiment repeated over and over again with hundreds and hundreds of individuals from all walks of life. Doctors and lawyers, firemen and cooks, shop owners and foundry workers. Rich and less rich, many colors, religions, political affiliations. I could go on and list so many things that, under normal conditions, all these strangers would not be in the same room with each other. Let alone being in one of the most compromising and vulnerable situations that I can imagine.
    There are three such places that a bunch of naked people can get together without causing anyone to run screaming in fear for their life.
    These three unique locations offer the nudist in you to, well, get nude. And you can do so without fear of criticism or judgments of any kind, or any guilt or shame on your part.

    Of course, Iím talking about Couples Tower Isle, Couples Negril and Couples San Souci.

    Iíve stopped trying to understand why more and more people canít even get to the point of just trying this great ice breaker. Especially when you and your partner are in any one of these safe and protected environments. Surrounded by others who are as timid and new to this as you are.

    Now I realize that there are any number of legitimist reasons for not wanting to participate in this type of activity. I would never force anyone to do something that is against their better judgment, or for any other reason.

    Itís the ones that are on the fence about it that Iím interested in. They see people going to the nude beaches and they wonder, ďWhat exactly is going on over thereĒ?
    I havenít been to Negril but have spoken with many that have and have seen enough picture to know what it looks like. It is not as private and secluded as TI and SSB, so for very first timers, there is an added challenge you must deal with. There are other people on this ďpublic beachĒ and they can see you. I know that many of my friends have gotten over that problem, and continue to enjoy the nude area. But again, for a first timer, the privacy and seclusion of SSB and TI are a bit less threatening or intimidating.
    But I have been to CSS and Tower Isle.

    Tower Isle offers even more of an experience in au natural living simply because of its location. Itís an island. You canít get much more isolated than that. Just you and yours and twenty or thirty other naked couples. A bunch of lounge chairs, room for shade, and a swim-up bar. Oh, and the bartender. But he doesnít look at anyone. Really.

    Then there is Sunset beach at Sans Souci. A real beach with real sand. And you can walk out into the warm waters with your floatie. Water shoes would help. The bottom has lots of small rocks.
    There is also a huge pool, showers and a hot tub. Plenty of room to spread out. The lunchtime buffet at SSB is a bit nicer than TI. And they have two bathrooms.

    I urge young newlyweds to try throwing caution to the wind and to see what kind of character they are made of. And much older folks too. If youíve been married for 30,40 or 50 years, and you have never been naked with strangers, you are missing out.
    Weíre both in our 70ís and have been enjoying the freedom and fun of nudity for over 20 years. Wrinkles and all.

    Yeah, I know thatís not a pretty picture. Maybe not. But there is hardly one person in the world that can escape that reality. No one ever thinks that it will happen to them. They eat right, exercise and feel fit. And you may be. But for the most part, there is a big surprise as the years pile up. Itís called gravity.

    There isnít very much any of us can do about our muscles not being as strong as they were when we were young. Holding everything firm and tight. The aging process is a multi-faceted involvement. Adjusting to it is one of the first confrontations you will have with yourself.

    I was about 130 pounds, 5í6Ē for most of my adult life. No belly fat, no arm or neck waddle. I ate what I wanted without putting any restrictions on myself. I have always had a very high metabolism and that was in my favor.
    I remained like that until I was in my very late 60ís or very early 70ís.

    Then one morning I awoke, and when I turned on the bathroom light, there was a frightening reflection in the mirror. The face was mine staring back at me, but my body was misshapen and distorted. All I could do was stand there and stare it.
    Somehow, during the night as I slept, I must have done some sleepwalking. Thatís never happened before. I have no idea how I did it, but I apparently was able to swallow a whole cantaloupe melon and it was lodged in my stomach. It was large enough to also cause damage to my sides, causing them to develop ďlove handlesĒ.
    One day I was lean and mean and the next day Iím Saggy Baggy! No, not really. But I had gained 10 pounds somewhere and it definitely shows.
    I have been able to make peace with my new protuberances. I know that a measly 10 pounds is next to nothing compared to what so many people have to deal with. And here and there I see new lines on my face, new wrinkle over here. Thatís okay because there is nothing I can do about that. Iím grateful that Iím alive at all.
    So whatever you may be carrying now, even if it doesnít increase in size or weight, will, at some point, succumb to the dreaded ďGĒ word, gravity.
    As yet, I havenít lost any noticeable height. But that could be down the road too. You just never know what is ďdown the roadĒ.

    There were a lot of couples on the island while we were there. All ages, sizes and shapes. That may have been the first time in someoneís life that they werenít concerned with how they looked.

    First of all, they had to overcome their fears and apprehensions in order to get to the island. Thatís a biggie for most of the first-timers. Secondly is how they look to themselves and do they really want to ďlet it all hang outĒ. Probably a resounding ďNOĒ. But youíve made it to the rock, you know that you have to at least try it. You can always decide to put your clothes back on and leave. No one will even notice you are leaving. No finger pointing. No one cares.

    After the initial shock of, ďI canít believe weíre doing thisĒ, you just do it. All nonchalant and normal as though you were going to spend some quality time with a bunch of close friends.

    Okay! The masks have been removed. There you are. Two partners in life. At the beginning of your times or, in our case, having spent almost 48 years together, experiencing a real phenomenon in life.

    Humans, many of which we may or may not have things in common with, coming together under conditions that have everyone wondering, how and why does this work. What is it about being undressed, outdoors, under a warm sun, breeze in your, okay, your face, that allows us to expose our most private parts as well as deep emotional releases. 99% of us that have been there, done that, never thought they would ever do it.

    When you are naked, there are not pretentious things to get in the way of being who you are underneath the clothing. No fancy label, no sheik shining shoes, no costume of any kind. What you see is what you get. Itís not about the money, the bling your status or your position. Itís not about your religion or where you come from.
    Itís not about your political interests or if you speak with an accent or you have long hair, short hair or no hair at all.
    Itís not demeaning or shameful, salacious or demonic. Itís not anything you should be ashamed of having done it. On the contrary, you will cherish every moment you spent at SSB or TI or Negril.

    Thatís a lot of what being unencumbered by textile is not about. Itís a lot harder to put into words what the whole experience is all about.
    I know that after the very first time we set foot on TI, that initial day was one of the most powerful, uplifting, empowering, freeing days of our lives. People we met back then we are still in contact with. And each time we return, we make new friends.
    We laugh more while weíre out there. We talk more to others. We tell jokes, share lifeís moments, talk about our kids. Some spend time reading, napping off now and then, Others play cards, backgammon or just spend long leisurely time baking in the sun. We listen to music, maybe even get in a dance or two.

    The togetherness of each couple, combined with all the other togetherness of all the other couples, presents a unique situation that otherwise would not flow as easily as it does.

    This joyful experience is open and available to anyone who would like to investigate the adventure. So the next time you visit TI, CSS or CN, have another discussion about getting real. Even if you only spend one day under the sun, I donít think that you will regret it. But trust me, one day will not be enough.

    I weloome your thoughts.

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    That was very, very well written. Thank You.

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