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    I'm dreaming of a beach in Jamaica
    unlike any beach I've known before
    with palm trees to shade me
    a sea breeze to soothe me
    and a gin and tonic close at hand

    I'm dreaming of a beach in Jamaica
    just like San Souci's Sunset Beach
    with "full moons" glowing
    and White River's flowing
    cool waters to ease my feet

    "I'm ---Jamaica
    Just like the one at Swept Away
    When my drink is empty
    My green flag will save me
    bring another Daquiri for me today

    I'm dreaming of a beach in Jamaica
    Where I wile my cares away
    a long walk at Negril
    could fit the bill
    or maybe a drink at the swim up bar

    I'm dreaming of...Jamaica
    Tower Isle's is so grand
    A scoot on a ferry
    Where everyone's merry
    Oh how'd you get such a tan

    David and Michele

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    I love it. I doubt if there is another resort or cruise ship line that can boast of the enthusiasm and devotion of their travelers.

    Nice job guys


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