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    Planning vacation to Couples-which one is ?? Do all have tennis pros/coaching available? Love my tennis, but wife want's best resort/beach as she doesn't play- advice suggsestions please as this will be our first vist

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    I can only speak for SweptAway. They have an excellent tennis program. On-site pros are always available. In addition, there are clinics and round-robins daily throughout the week..but not on Sundays. THe beach is awesome. In addition, there is an olympic size pool over at the tennis complex so the two of you could be close together while enjoying your own thing.

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    All Couples resorts have tennis pros but it'll depend on what you and your wife consider the best resort/beach.
    CTI and CSS have smaller, private beaches and are located in Ocho Rios (north side of the island).
    CN and CSA have larger, public beaches and are located in Negril (west side of the island).
    CTI is a smaller resort (more compact) kind of a high-rise look that makes meeting people easier.
    CSS is a larger resort with lots of stairs but is more of a tropical paradise with places to get away as a couple.
    We have not been to CSA (but will in April) or CN so we're hoping others will give their input on these resorts.
    The big thing is to do lots of research and look at pictures. What you'll find is that one resort will call to you.

    Good Hunting!

    Bart & Bug

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    CSA! Ten courts - five of them clay. My husband plays and LOVED it. I loved the beach and even just hanging out at the sports complex while he played. There's always the spa too.

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    Default Csa!

    I know that CSA has a fantastic tennis complex. It looked much nicer to me than the one at CN. I also know they have guest instructors and not sure if they have them at the other resorts. They also have in my opinion the best beach. You can't go wrong with CSA.

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    I think CSA would fit the bill for both of you. The beach is gorgeous and never ending and the tennis facility is the best on the island. You can play while she enjoys the fabulous beach. Plus, there are the most dining and bar options out of the four resorts. Look at lots of pictures and read lots of reviews and when one of the resorts starts to pull you in, let it in and then book it. I think CSA covers both of your needs. Good luck.

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    Swept Away
    Fitness Center and BEST beach in Jamaica

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