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    I've been speaking with Couples and my bank to slove this problem but haven't gotten very far and thought maybe some of you may have seen this before.
    I tried to book a trip on this site to Negril with hotel and flight. When I was finished it said there was a error and the trip was not booked. The error message was something like- the number of names did not match the reservation. On couples side they see that payment is pending. On my bank side I see that the hotel portion is pending, but no flight charge has showed up. Does the flight portion typically take longer to come through or did the error cause it not to work at all? The few times I've called couples they haven't really been that helpful and I'm getting frustrated.
    Any help??

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    Call the airline involved and see if they have a booking for you on the flight.

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    Thanks to Niki at Couples Reservations who e-mailed me this AM, we got everything taken care of. 116 days until we are there!

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    Yes, I sent it to Niki this morning, because I knew she would be able to resolve everything. Glad it worked out! Enjoy CNG!
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    I had a problem booking Negril from the site as well, and didn't get much help from repeated calls to the 800#. Eventually they did get it sorted out though - I'm sure it's worth the hassle!

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    monurse, glad to hear that you got things straightened out....looks like you guys will be there same time as us....join us in the Negril meetups thread...

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