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    Default Silly CSA Alcohol Question

    My absolute favorite low-cal drink is Stoli blueberry vodka and club soda. I do plan on revisiting a few of my favorite CSA drinks but I know that I will also want to cut back on calories and have my blueberry vodka. Does anyone know if they have flavored vodkas (I would assume the martini bar...but the beach bars?) and if blueberry one of them Thanks everyone! 8 more days!!!!!!

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    If they don't, maybe they will get it for you.

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    Which is better for you? club soda or tonic? I can't remember which one has lots of calories to it.

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    Club soda has zero calories!

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    Tonic has a lot of sugar in it, as much or more then soda. I discovered this when I spilled some tonic once and it made a big sticky mess. It really surprised me when I read the label and saw how much sugar there was.

    I love gin and soda with fresh lime. It is so light and refreshing.

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    Gin and Diet Tonic is my fav!

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    or try Appleton's and Soda with a splash of Pineapple. Yummmmmmm.

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