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Thread: SSB Was So Bad!

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    Default SSB Was So Bad!

    OK, I knew you would read the post!

    SSB was so bad in October 2009 that we just had to book again!!!! See you all in April 2010!!! Yeah Baby!

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    Yeah, you're right.
    Same happened to us. We were there last September, and as soon as we got home, we booked for March 2010. Can't wait to go back.
    Simply the best vacation of our lives

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    Hey Piperman when in April will you be going? we will be there the 20th - May 1st

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    It was so bad in September that we are going back in November for our Anniversary. Had to cancel the New York trip and pay the penalty to the airlines but it will be worth it. Beside who wants to be cold and crowded in NY when you can be warm and AN in Jamaica

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    Default I think I'm going to make it!

    On a cold winters night north of Toronto, I suddenly realize that we're going to make it!!! Only 87 more big sleeps and we'll be at SSB!!!

    We're Dave & Sharon from Toronto, we'll be at SSB from April 9th til the 17th.

    Anyone else there at that time? We're looking forward to meeting some new friends, and hopefully some old ones!

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    Hey Piperman,
    the same thing happened to us. We were there when you were in October. We just booked another trip for May 2nd. Great minds think alike. Sorry we will miss you by a few days this time. Enjoy SSB!!!

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