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    Default CSA price increase v. Grouples

    One of Randymons comments about raising the price was
    to hold quality of product

    2 thoughts

    1. if doing so well to justify price increase why
    recruit Grouples

    2. Grouples does not improve quality of product in a couples only

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    Hi - We really do not "recruit Grouples". Rather, they seem more drawn to CSA than other resorts.

    Couples Resorts

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    In the interest of full disclosure, we are a couple that travels with a group. November 2008 there were 7 couples and this year we had 11 couples. I believe that we were a pretty well behaved group. I think that most groups are pretty well behaved. In fact, unless you saw us together on the beach you probably would not have even known we were there together as a group. We did not do everything together and had no interest in that. Just a group of friends traveling together.

    I am not sure what people expect Couples to do. Are they to turn away our 11 rooms this year because we are in a group? What if we have 15 rooms next year? Are they to turn us away? Would that make any sense from a business standpoint? Maybe it is because of these groups that CSA is doing so well.

    I don't want to get into an argument with those on the other side of the issue. We try to be respectful of others on vacation or at home. I am sure that there are groups who are out of control but those should be handled as they occur. Kick them out, refuse new reservations, whatever. Don't lump everyone into the same boat. There are also many of us who know how to behave as well.

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    If you want to avoid groups, CSA is the resort for you. It is large enough that you can always find somewhere quiet to hang out. We tried out the swim up bar and quickly decided it wasn't for us. People were enjoying getting liquored up, playing games, talking, laughing and shouting together. No problem. We just weren't feeling like doing that, so we wandered off down the beach and found a slice of the kind of peaceful heaven we were looking for. There is another pool that is pretty quiet too. If you want something in between, pull up a stool at one of the beach bars which are great places to socialize if you are looking for a mellower vibe then the swim up bar.

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    We too always have 4-6 couples travelling together, from all over the country. This year 4 of us are celebrating turning 50 and are brining our spouses. I am bringing 3 couples with me from Detroit, we have a couple we met in 08 from AK, a couple from TN, and we are working on a few others. We do not do everything together, that is not the point,it is a romantic couples vacation! It is like you said friends who like to travel together. We still have our romantic dinners together, our alone time on beachwalks etc, and we have time where we hang out all together, but not roudy.

    Lots of couples are doing destination weddings now as well, it is just more cost efficient, and these couples like to bring some family and friends with them. I think this is the major area the so called "grouple" is targeting. Making it easier for a wedding party or anniversary party, or whatever you happen to be celebrating.

    It's all good!

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