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    Default Worried about late luggage, staying at CSS

    The BF is concerned since we have only a 45 minute layover in Charlotte. What if our checked bag doesn't make it on our CLT to MBJ flight? I believe we, personally, have to take the bag thru customs, so if it doesn't make it, will we be required to return from CSS to the airport to retrieve our bag?

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    Going down, the bags don't get rechecked. They do upon return. Relax. Enjoy.

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    On your flight there you dont need to get your bag until you land in MBJ. On the way back you have to get your bag and recheck it. IMHO 45 minutes is going to be tight. We had an hour and just made our flight ( on the way there). I would look for a longer layover.

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    I would say...your luggage WILL make it! Have faith. That's my best advice.

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    Oh i on the way back you have to pick up your bag and go through security again? Is this true of all returning international flights? I've never been out of the country, but do have a layover (2 hours) on our way I'm wondering if I need to know more about this. Please advise!

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    We had two hours layover on our way back and had plenty of time. Dont forget you black pen to fill out forms on plane.

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    I would be more worried about YOU getting on the plane than your bags. 45 minutes is cutting it pretty tight for a connecting flight these days. As others have said, you'll check your bags at your departure point and won't see them again until you've landed at Montego Bay and have cleared immigration. They'll more than likely be waiting for you next to the baggage carousel. Then you proceed on to customs, and head down the hallway towards the Couples Lounge. You can't miss it. In the unlikely event that your bags are delayed, they will bring them to the resort later on the shuttle. No worries.

    When you return from Jamaica, you must reclaim your bags at your first U.S. port of entry and clear customs at that point. You'll need to fill out another customs declaration, so keep the black pens that you had handy at Montego Bay someplace in your carry on bags. Once you have made it through customs, you can then recheck your bags to your destination. Two hours layover should be plenty of time. Please note that if you buy any carry on packages of rum or other liquids at the Duty Free Shops in Montego Bay, you will have to stow them away in your checked luggage once you reach the United States. Have fun, and pretty soon you'll be old pros at this international air travel stuff.
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