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    Default How accurate is the weather forecast???

    Heading to CTI in 7 days - YAY - never been to Jamaica, and we wondering what kind of weather we should expect for Dec.??? I did check, they are forecasting rain 2 of the days so far - and we will only be there 4!!! I just wondering if these showers are usually short, or if it's usually yucky all day?? Thanks in advance for the comments!!

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    I would not worry about any weather report. No mater what it says what is the upside. If they predict clear skys and it rains you are there
    if they predict rain and you have clear skys you are there ...
    With the exception of a hurricane ( odd in december) not sure how the accuracy of the extended weather report can have an net positive impact on a preplanned holiday. Go enjoy, and relax

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    Thanks steveandlinda - and great point!!! We will be in JAMAICA!! It really doesnt matter what the weather will be! Cocktails and food will be plenty!!!! 6 days to go! woooo hoooo

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    Try They were spot on for thanksgiving.

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    Everytime I've gone in December the weather forecast has said "chance of rain/thunderstorms." I've only seen rain a few times and usually just at night or for a few hours in the afternoon. Never been totally rained out. I LOVE going in December!

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    We just came back from CSA and the prediction was for rain just about every day. It rained 2 of the 7 days and for only about an hour and then the sun was out. I had posted here with that question also and MB members assured me not to worry. And they were right. I think the weather will be great! Have fun.

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    December weather is beautiful in Jamaica. If it rains, it will not be for long, maybe an hour tops per day. I am sure it will not rain everyday you are there, I'll bet you will have some consecutive days of sunshine...get excited...don't be worried

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    Weather forecasting in Jamaica is simple........ 78-80 degrees with 30 minutes of rain....... repeat daily......
    Proud palapa hoarder since 2007 !!!

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    Thanks for all the input!!!! 4 days until CTI!!! WOOOO HOOOOOOO

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