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    Default First time.. soon come. A couple questions.

    We are trying the CN An beach for the first time and I've been checking this site for info, but still am not clear on the particulars.
    Can I swim in the ocean with my suit on, or do I need to go to the textile side?
    Is there red flag service on this side?
    I'm obviously not walking from the room neckid. Do I need to disrobe upon entering the beach or can we wait till settled at our chairs?
    Looking forward to our first time. I pray to keep our parts sunburn free...

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    You can swim in the ocean with a suit on but there is no reason to - you can imply walk from the beach into the ocean AN.

    There is red flag service although alot of times the bartender is not at the bar so you can get up and mix your own.

    You wear clothing/suit or cover up from the room and disrobe when you find your chairs.

    Apply sunscreen in the room in front of a mirror to be sure you do not miss any spots. My husband missed a small part on his chest and it burned so bad it blistered so full coverage is very important.

    Lastly - have fun!
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    chillin - i think one of the more refreshing dynamic of the an experience is the swimming floating nekkid part. Especially on bloody bay the water is warm calm i suggest try just walking in or floating around butt a$$ nekkid for a few minute and you will gringe when you have to think about putting on your swim shorts

    i never saw any red flags on the an beach i am sure they have however the beach is small intimate and as another post stated your batender is a few feet away andwhen she isnt simply make you won drink
    ok i know who goes away to play bartender but it very relaxed and laid back and really is no big deal .. request a room in building 9 closest to the an beach. Enjoy

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    Hey chillin' great questions. You already have good answers to your questions. I will try to add a little more information.

    When you get to the AN beach, relax, find your spot, stretch, look around, lay out your towel and stuff, then peel off your clothes and revel in the freedom. It's not like you have to disrobe the instant your big toe hits the sand on the AN side of the beach. But don't be roaming around fully clothed getting drinks and chatting with people either.

    On the sunscreen question, I have four pieces of advice:
    - use a high SPF
    - apply often
    - you can't have too much sunscreen on your body but you can definitely have too little
    - if you have a spa treatment be sure to wash off the oils etc. that they use at the spa before you apply sunscreen and sit in the sun. You might consider getting your spa treatments late in the day then not sitting in the sun until the next day if you want your skin to take advantage of the products applied during your spa session.

    Be sure to report back about your first AN experience. It will help others who read the MB.



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    ChillininininGill...I saw maybe 1 out of 10 women putting their bottoms on before swimming and don't remember any guys putting their suits on. If it's an issue of feeling uncomfortable walking nekkid across the beach, many people bring the floaties from their chairs which can be used as a temporary coverup until you reach the water.

    I do not recall any red flag service on the CN AN beach. Maybe bring your own red flag and see if that works!

    You can definitely wait until you find your chairs and get yourself all situated before disrobing.

    Don't get too stressed about all the particulars. Once you've been out there for a couples hours, you'll get a sense of everything. Just relax and enjoy yourselves!

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