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    Default On and offsite activities at CN?

    Heading for CN in February. What are some of the activities on and offsite (including excursions) that we shouldn't miss? We've been to Dolphin Cove, Dunn's river and horseback riding and enjoyed all.
    Duane and Mary Z from Central PA

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    We were there last weekend- the night snorkel was really, really cool.

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    For the west side you have YS Falls, Appleton Rum Estate, Black River Safari, Royal Palm Reserve plus the local Negril area sites.

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    I think most folks enjoy the "booze cruise" (catamaran cruise). It's nice even if you don't drink. We definitely enjoyed it and we aren't big drinkers. Many people enjoy the trip to Rick's cafe. Watersports (scuba, snorkeling, hobiecat, etc.) are all great.

    Honestly, we have such a great time at the resort, we never want to leave!!!

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    We didn't get around to the external excursions (although Rick's cafe was on my "to do" list) as there was so much inclusive stuff. I most enjoyed the ocean scuba dive (included with the resort course) and #2 the snorkelling excursions. There was lots of marine life to see so if you decide to try these, be sure to bring an underwater camera.

    Definitely need to return to try the things we missed because along with some mandatory relax time on the beach, we just ran out of time before we could do all the things wanted to.

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    Thank you everyone for your input! We just bought our tickets and are going the last week of Feb. Sounds like Rick's is one of the places not to miss. Mary & Duane Z of central PA - 3 inches of snow.

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    if this is your first time to negril i would suggest you take a few hours and walk long bay. Negril is know for its " 7 mile beach" which is mainly the 4-5 mile stretch that is long bay. Cab it from cn to the end of the beach and walk back. walk drink spark it is all good. Other suggestion get out one night during the week and catch some live reggae.
    Ricks is great for the 90 minute period surrounding sunset

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