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    Stephanie - Sorry, I havne't been back to check the MB these days, been busy preping for our back-home wedding reception (yup, a year after our wedding). Please check your email =]

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    I was wondering you could me send me cake decoration directions, I love your cake.. Please send to Thanks

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    Hello, very beautiful.. I'm getting married in April 2010 at CTI; can you PLEASE give me the information about your photographer?

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    Ms. T - Thanks! We had Damian from Sungold as our photographer. Both Paula and Damian are wonderful to work with, not to mention the stunning pictures we got.

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    I can stop lurking and write a post! Your wedding photos are absolutely breathtaking!!! yall looked so happy!! Im getting married at CSA 4/26/10 in the morning and I hope mine wedding looks as nice as will be just the 2 of us with possible friend coming along...we hired Stacey Clarke to do our photos...

    can you email me info on ur cake and ur boquet? and also i saw the arch you used for ur wedding was that an upgraded arch? if so do u recall the price?
    thank you so much for ur post and the info you have posted!!! :-)

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    KKBON -

    I adore your wedding cake, can you please email me on how to decorate. Can I say that your photos are just amazing! ..many thanks
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    Hi Bonnie,
    I will be getting married over spring break at CSA. I was curious, have you by chance received your marriage license yet? I am going to be in a pickle when I get back. I will be graduating in May and won't be able to change my name without that. So our option is to get married "again" after we return. I know they say 12-14 weeks, just curious if it doesn't take that long.
    Second, how long is the bus ride from the airport?
    I've taken all your tips and advice and am very grateful for you posting the info. Your day looked wonderful!!!

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    txaprilbride - Congratz on your upcoming wedding and thank you for your compliments! I'm sure your pictures will look fabulous with such a beautiful backdrop. I can of course email you the details... only problem is that I don't have your email. That is NOT an upgraded arch, you will be getting that arch for free, nice huh?

    hello kitty - You've got mail!

    2beDWilliams - I have received my marriage license (my wedding was over a year ago if you haven't noticed, haha). It took about 2-3 months for it to arrive, I heard that's about the average time too. The bus ride was about 2 hours (It was a rainy night, so maybe it doesn't take that long on a good day), just make sure you use the bathroom before the bus. I wouldn't feel comfortable going to a public bathroom at night in Jamaica even if the bus made a pit stop.

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    Hi Bonnie-

    Its amazing that you were married almost a year and half ago, and your still getting praises and questions. Your pictures were absolutely beautiful!!

    Could you please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about the photography. thanks so much!

    Helen M

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    H-twn chick - Thanks! Everyone on this board is so nice and I have gotten plenty of help before my wedding. It is a blessing to be able to help future brides. I also like coming on here simply because it reminds me of the most wonderful day of my life.

    Check your email

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    Default Instructions for decorating the cake

    I love your pics, they are beautiful! I have been looking for a way to do my own bouquet and cake as well and would love instructions on how you did these. I am getting married at CSA May 3, 2010. Thanks! You can email me at

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    Your pics are gorgeous! Can I please get detailed instructions on your cake decorations and bouquet if possible. I am getting married at CSA on May 3, 2010 and time is running out. My email is Thanks sooooo much!

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    ShawnaL - Please check your email =]

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    Hi Bonnie,
    Where you 100%satisfied with CSA?? We booked CTI, but now I'm thinking about changing to CSA. Looks much prettier to me, and has more of a beach. What made you choose CSA vs the the other resorts??? Please let me know.. I have emailed you once before, but I lost your email address. I want to be sure, we make the right decision, I want to be 100% happy with our decision... please email me back at

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    kaw0033 - Honestly, I have never been to any other Couples resort, so it's not my place is say whether CSA is better than the others. Originally, we were torn between CSA and CTI (aka COR back then). We were leaning towards CTI because of the free horseback-riding and the island (although we probably wouldn't have the nerves to get on it). On the other hand, we were drawn to the Atrium room and beautiful beach (also prettier wedding arch) at CSA. CTI were closed for renovation at the time and it was due to reopen a few days before our wedding day. We didn't want to take the chance and decided to go with CSA (lucky we did because Couples soon announced the reopen day had been pushed back 3 months!).

    Anyway, we are 100% happy with CSA. Don't get me wrong it doesn't mean everything was perfectly smooth during our trip. You are the one to decide if you want to be happy or get upset over little things. Just relax and enjoy your trip =]

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    I really loved your pics, ya'll were very beautiful!
    Michael & I will be getting married at CSA on 12/8/10. Didn't know if you look at the other mb boards you write on, so I'm sending you another request. Can you give me the details on how your bouquet was done? I really luv how the strand of pearls was done. And did you give them a pic of how you wanted your cake done or what? And how long did you book your photographer for?
    Thank you so much for your postings they are really helpful.

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    oops here's my email address

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    amcope15 - Sorry for the late reply, I don't come on here often. The pearls are connected by a fishing line and tied around the stem at the base of the flowers bunch. It is quite a difficult task to get a balance so the bouquet will hang nice. You may need to give it more than a few tries. I didn't give them a picture of how I wanted the cake done, they read my mind. Well, actually there wasn't too many other ways to put the decorations on the cake because of the way I made them, so it was pretty self-explanatory. I had my photog was 3 hours and it was just about right for a very small wedding. Now that I think about it, I probably should booked more hours. Not that we didn't have enough time but the pictures turned out gorgeous, wouldn't hurt to have more fabulous pictures =]

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    I just saw this thread and what memories it brings back of all of our weddings in that 3 day period back in Dec '08. I am so glad we got to be there for your day! Going back to CSA won't be the same without all of our new friends.

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