I remember constantly checking the message board before our wedding and I promised myself back then to do a review (good/bad) when I am done for the future brides. It has been a busy couple months for us but finally here it is, enjoy!

There are already tons of posts praising Couples, so I am going to focus on little tips to help prepare for the trip/wedding.

Be prepared for the long bus ride. We thought we were ready but we weren't. We arrived at MBJ in the late evening so we rushed to get on the last bus ride without getting any food (turned out we didn't have to because they would wait for all the guests before leaving). The driver didn't make any pit stops and I was too shy to ask him to stop the bus when everyone else was sleeping. Be sure to grab some snack and go to the bathroom before the ride.

Wedding Attire:
Hand carry your wedding attire and anything you must need for the wedding. We met some couples there who had lost their luggage and it is not uncommon. Call the airline ahead of time to check restrictions or space availability. We brought a travel steamer/iron and found it handy. Pick a light dress. It is HOT and HUMID in Jamaica.

Go with sandals or barefoot. I brought a pair of flat sandals, high-heels, flip-flops for the wedding. I tested them out on the beach before the wedding and found sandals best fit the beach setting. I took them off almost immediately after the ceremony because barefoot is just soooooo comfortable =]

Drink plenty of water. Put on tons of sunscreen. Never put makeup on without sunscreen under the sun because freckles and wrinkles are guaranteed. Most of us are from the Northern America or Europe I assumed. The beauty products we use back home are normally too oily for the tropical weather. Get a set of travel size oil-controlled skincare products would be helpful.
Use the salon for your wedding day makeup and hairstyle. I say this because I was too paranoid to let others touch my face or hair. I had been very calm planning the entire wedding until an hour before the ceremony, I was a nerve wreck and had no idea what I was doing. If you do decide to DIY, just remember two things. (1) makeup setting spray (2) hairspray.
Veil or not? no if you don't absolutely love your veil because it can get really windy. I knew this ahead of time and paid special attention, but my veil still fell half way as soon as I walked up to the altar (it wasn't even THAT windy).

I am not a bug magnet but somehow tons of them (sandflies? not sure what they are) got trapped between the satin and organza layers of my dress. You can see a funny picture of my guests pick up my dress trying to get them out in the online album. Use bug spray or something.

Room Service:
Call ahead to have your room made up for picture taking. Schedule the maid to come soon after you get up to get ready and call them again if they don't show up within the scheduled time. It is very hard to get ready when they try to clean your room at the same time.

That's all I can think of right now. Feel free to contact me for any questions. Good luck =]

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