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    Default wedding jan 8th 2010 cti

    so exciting, weve decided whilst we are here we will get married at 4pm on the 8th jan, just the two of us then have a party back home for friends and family....any tips or help please

    tom and jodie..


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    Tom & Jodie,

    Let's start off by offering our congratulations, to your marriage and to choosing to start your life together in paradise. We were married at CSS and did the same as you're planning...get married in Jamaica and than do a reception when we got home.

    As for advice and tips...
    1. Communicate with the wedding coordinator now and upon arrival at CTI. They can really help in planning your wedding (i.e. location, music).
    2. Don't make all the plans before you arrive. You'll have a couple days on the resort before the wedding day to wrap it all up.
    3. Do an excursion or something the day before to relax and enjoy yourselves. This helps to take away the "wedding jitters".
    4. Relax and don't worry about a thing. You're getting married in the most romantic place on Earth!
    5. Enjoy and savor the day. This is a once in a lifetime event and you'll want to remember every minute.
    6. Have pictures and video of the wedding taken so you can show this at the party back home.
    7. Bring some of Jamaica home with you. Observe the bright colors and festive Jamaican culture and music. Then incorporate it into your reception at home. We did and friends told us that ours was the most fun of all the wedding recptions they'd ever been to...a party instead of a reception.

    Good luck and may you have a blessed wedding and life ahead!

    Bart & Bug

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    Default To Bart & Bug

    Thanks you so much for your reply and we have taken everything on board that you have said. We are really looking forward to it now less than a week to go! no jitters yet but a cruise the day before may def be just what we need! thanks again x x

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