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    Default Csa review ! 03-24/03-30


    CSA –Overall way above expectations. Rather than stating what you see on other reviews I am just pointing out other information I think is helpful.

    Spa – we booked massages at concierge, she did not tell us to wear our bathing suits. When we arrived and saw the AMAZING Jacuzzi pool to relax in before your massage we felt very duped. I told the lady working at counter I wanted to change appt to take advantage; she seemed slightly annoyed but accommodated us. Well worth it! So, if you book a massage – wear your bathing suit under your clothes! Concierge: tell the guests this.

    Sports Complex – loved it. I would work out a couple days and then relax in Jacuzzi and have a smoothie. Husband would catch the March Madness scores.

    Food- AMAZING!!! Beyond what I expected.

    Room- we were in 3802 –and had road noise, LOUD on Fridays/Saturdays. I am a light sleeper, but it didn’t bother my better half at all. So to each his own.

    Staff—our room attendant Cara was awesome along with a few other we cited in our comment card but some I did feel like I was annoying them. Again, we have stayed at the Riu in Negril and the staff there was actually, more friendly I believe.

    Sea Grapes- we ate here every single day. My husband is steak and potatoes all the way, don’t be put off by the “health food” fresh sushi on the beach, fresh fish –blew the lunch buffet away in my opinion. My husband and I loved it.

    Phones – Since the room has a sign that says to dial US call *86 with no other instructions this is what I did. I had over $200.00 in charges from calling my office, one time, left a voice mail and charge was $40.00. I have stayed elsewhere in past and called directly from room for a week and it was only $80.00. I felt like they really stuck it to me and would expect the resort to have better offerings, not happy about this.

    Internet Café – no wait, free – great! Wish I would have used entire time over phone, but again, didn’t think a voicemail would cost me $40.00.

    Casino – roulette table was very cool – all computerized. Service in there was great too.

    Snorkel and Watersports Staff – The snorkel is great, much better than I ever anticipated. The waterspouts staff is very friendly.

    Piano Bar – LOVED IT ! So much fun

    LemonGrass-impeccable service-they went above and beyond on my 29th Birthday to make it special

    Vendors at resort – rip off! Bought a bracelet for $18 –walked 500 feet to vendors outside resort ---same one $8
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    pardon a few of my typos - typed very quickly

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