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    Hi there! We will be celebrating our 38th Honeymoon Anniversary 6th thru 19th. Looking forward to seeing our annual friends and having the pleasure making new friends!

    One Love
    Paul & Debbie
    CTI 1980, 2004 -2007, 2009 - 2017
    CSS 2008
    CN & CSA 2012

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    Hi Debbie & Paul, it's been two to three years since we met up with you two at CTI and see that you are returning this September. There is a very good possibility that we will book around the same dates that you are (in September). We should know soon if we will be able to make it. Mike & Caity

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    Mike & Caity sure hope can join us and so looking forward to seeing you both again!

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    27-7th this year. Had to bring it forward but trying the spa villas for a few days.

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    We will be there August 29th-September 7th. We stayed at CSS Last year. This is our first year at CTI.

    Stephanie & Thomas

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    We will be there 9/1-9/8. Can't believe it's only 33 days away! We're incredibly excited!

    Josh & Erika

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    Arriving the 26th for a week or so of relaxing back on our favorite island, this will be our second trip back. Lounging and relaxing and snorkel, visiting and getting to know other couples area what we're looking to do. Relaxing is key

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