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    Default THUNK! The balance just hit the card!

    Only 40 more days to CTI! Yipee!! I'm freezin my muffins off and it's snowing now.

    While cleaning my desk off (for the new year) I found a note I'd written down off the MB. It has to do with things you wish you would have taken, like Crystal Light drink mixes.

    I'm searching for your wisdom and experience. This will be our 8th trip, and I'm always looking to make myself smarter.

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    For me, the best thing I ever started doing was to bring one of those shower poof things. They are cheap so I don't worry about bringing it home with me. I never used to really feel clean after a day at the beach before; I couldn't seem to get all of the sunscreen off with just a wash cloth. Now I bring a poof and it works out way better.

    Also a bunch of extra zip lock bags. My beach bag is packed every day with everything I need in various zip lock bags - books, cameras, iPods. Helps to keep them dry and sand-free when not in use.

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    Ketchup!!! We didn't care for the Jamaican ketchup and ended up buying some at the gift shop for like $10 or something silly like that!

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    Thanks for the responses. I just bought a couple of shower poufs (small facial size) and a friend gave me a great suction-cup hook so I can hang em in the shower. I agree, they'll do the job better!

    I will also start snatching ketchup packages whenever I'm out.

    Only 36 more days. It just about makes me slobber, if ya know what I mean...

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    First aid items that cost Way too much in the gift shop: bandaids, neosporin, excedrin,Pepto (tablets),insect repellant wipes,robitussen caplets,imodium AD, and any other OTC drug you might want to take.

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    Benedryl, one year someone had a terrible reaction. Never found out what it was. See if your Dr. will write you a script for a 6 day prednisone pack. Steroids are good for just about anything.

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    We always take a number of fabric softener sheets in our luggage. We keep a few in our suitcase, and put some in the drawers with our clothes. It really helps to keep that tropical musty smell away.

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    Thanks for more great ideas! I normally pack all sorts of meds like Excedrine, Imodium, but never thought about the Benedryl.

    The dryer sheet idea is very welcome too!

    I'll keep checking back for more wisdome, and thanks to everyone for taking the time to respond.

    Only 35 more days and I will be HOME! I so cannot wait...

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