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    Default 3/6/09 our wedding

    I know I am late on posting this and I apologize. Before I got married in Jamaica, I read post and post on this message board to help calm my nerves about planning a wedding far from home. SO I swore to myself that I would post my experience and answer any questions I could to help other nervous brides.

    We were married at couples sans souci on March 6, 2009. It was amazing. I used the on site photographier, videographier, hair and makeup people. I had no guests invited. It was just my husband and I so the pics and video were extremely important to be able to show to friends and family. Everything was incredible. I was slightly nervous about the hair and makeup people because I had clip in extensions and I wasnt sure if they could do the hair style I wanted and work the extensions. But- it was fabulous. Couples Sans Souci met all of our expectations plus more.

    The pictures were incredible. We purchased a package and then I believe we bought a few extras. Originally, we were going to go with Stacey Clarke (who was so sweet and talked with me via phone and email for weeks) but in October of last yr the resorts said no more out side photographiers. Turns out they changed it back again shortly before we were going to get married but by then it was too late to book with Stacey. The package we bought from the resort was amazing tho (here the link ). They took about 100-150 pictures so it only took a short time to pic the best ones. If they would have taken hundreds, then we would have been there all day going thru the pics. It was easy to find the best pictures because they were all great. Also, the video was awesome. I wish that I could post it, but I cant figure out how.

    If you are using their salon for hair and makeup they are extremely reasonable priced and so nice. The wedding planner set up the appoint with the salon based on the wedding time so that everything had a smooth transition and flowed perfectly.

    In the same year, my 2 best friends were also married. They both had traditional weddings. I can tell you that they spent 2 and 3 times more money than I did and indured MUCH more stress. If you can relax and leave the wedding in the hands of the coordinator you will have the best experience ever. I know its hard not to stress about it, but just book it and dont worry about the wedding plans until you get there and let the wedding planner take care of everything. Pack your wedding attire and go!

    I have nothing bad to say about couples sans souci. And- we met a great couple while we were there who got married at the resort 5yrs prior who go back for their anniversary every yr. Now, my husband and I are going back for our anniversary every yr.

    If you have any questions, feel free to email me at and I will answer anything I can for you.
    Good luck and congrats!

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    Congratulations! great review & pictures Luv your dress & hairstyle, perfect for a beach wedding

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    Great pics, thanks for posting them! Do you remember which photographer was used? I've been anxious about using the resort photographer because of posts that I've read about the quality of their work but your pics came out awesome! We are getting married 4/3 and it's going to be just the two of us also so we want to have the video done also and it sounds like you're happy w/that also. Thanks again for the posting!

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    Very nice pictures! We are getting married at CSS in 5 days! also using the resort photographer and it's just the two of us going same as you.

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    Love the pics

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