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    Default our CSA wedding photos and review 10/22/09

    We got married at CSA on October 22, 2009. It was everything we had dreamed of and MORE!! The weather was absolutely PERFECT and I am so glad that I booked our wedding at 10am. I highly recommend anyone planning a wedding here to do it as early as possible. Almost every day we were there the weather was great in the morning and anywhere between 1:00 and 4:00 the clouds had rolled in and it would rain for a bit. I saw more than one wedding get rained on and I know that one couple's wedding was interrupted by such a storm that they weren't even able to take pictures afterward. So definitely book your wedding early in the day!

    Our wedding coordinator, Tamika, was absolutely wonderful! The day we arrived she called our room to set up an appointment for us to come in and set all the final detail. The next day we met with her and she went over all the options and explained everything to us. She has pictures of everything, from flowers to sites to cakes to extra decorations so it made choosing all the details very simple. She even called the florist while we were there to make sure the bouquet would be exactly as I wanted. I wanted to get my hair done at the salon so she also made that appointment for me. We hired an outside photographer, the amazing Stacey Clarke, so we called her once we arrived and told her our room number so she could meet us there in the morning.

    On the morning of our wedding, we had breakfast delivered to our room so we could eat together on the balcony before I got my hair done (that was recommended to us and it was really nice that we weren't rushing around for breakfast). I went to my hair appointment and brought my headpiece, veil and a picture of the hairstyle I wanted. The stylist did a fantastic job, it took her about 45 minutes. The wedding went flawlessly, Stacey captured every moment exactly as it was and Tamika was a huge help with everything. After the wedding, Stacey took us around the resort to take pictures and she did such an amazing job. I was surprised that she had such a plan for every shot. I figured since she did a lot of weddings there she would re-use a lot of shots she had previously done, but I feel like our pictures were unique to us and she did a lot of things that I hadn't seen on her website or on this message board. We booked her for 3 hours and I thought that was perfect, we got about 500 pictures. It cost around $995 for 3 hours (I think...) and then she split the $500 charge from Couples for using an outside photographer.

    We finished with Stacey around 1pm and it was so nice to change out of our wedding clothes and right into our swimsuits to head to the beach! Having the wedding earlier was also nice because we still had the whole day ahead of us. Also, when we got back to our room, our 'just married' shirts were waiting for us on our bed with a congratulatory card. We had dinner at Feather's that night (they automatically make a reservation for you at Feather's on your wedding night, which was nice).

    The rest of the trip was great. We loved all the food and activities. Our favorite was SeaGrapes (especially the sweet potato chips and dips, FISH TACOS!, and the snapper sandwich), we probably ate there everyday. But we really loved all the food. The buffets were probably our least favorite overall, but they were interesting and we did have some decent food at them. Activity wise, we loved it all, my only complaint (which is my fault, not the resorts) is that we didn't figure out the reservation part until a few days after we got there so we didn't have time to do everything we wanted. You can only make reservations for the water activities one day in advance and you can't scuba dive the day after you get there or the day before you leave. So if you're into that stuff, just make sure you plan ahead so you have time to fit it all in!! (Also, we had the wedding to worry about in the beginning of our trip so that probably added to us not figuring that out sooner!) All the more reason to come back

    We stayed in one of the beachfront veranda suites, room 4220. It was on the 3rd floor on the corner and we LOVED it! It was much more than we expected! The balcony was wonderful and the view was awesome. I loved being right on the beach. The room was very nice, I was worried about what I would find after reading some bad room reviews but really it was perfect! There were no bugs and everything was very clean and nice. I just hope that we will have enough in our budget for our next trip to have the same type of room!!!

    Overall we had a great trip and honestly don't have anything negative to say about the resort. We loved everything and can't wait to get back!!

    I'm going to try to post a link to our wedding pictures below, hopefully it will work. They are in two albums (the first one is before and during the wedding, the second is pictures taken after the wedding.)

    (for some reason Facebook isn't working right now so I'll post the second link as soon as I can!)

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    Sorry it took me a few days but here are the rest of the pictures. Enjoy!

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    Wow... really beautiful. Stacey is a good photographer and you're a lovely bride. I hope my wedding day is as special 2.

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