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    Default Better Alone or With Others?

    I've just booked CSA for Oct 2010. It's far off to be certain. We last went CSA October 2007. It was great!! That time we went with my sister and brother in law. Since we went with another couple, it was a blast. No dull moments and always someone to talk with and hang around with besides each other of course.

    It seems my sister is not planning to go this time around. I've tried everything to convince her, but so far, she hasn't committed. She loved Couples, but the timing is not right for her. (She has a son and he's in school that time of year.) I'm trying to stay positive and realize that another couple could actually be a distraction and the alone time could be good for me and my husband. But we all had such a nice time last time, I fear I may miss them. I mean I love my husband, but my sister lives in another state and I only see her once a year or so, so it's an extra treat when she's around. Do you all prefer going to Couples with other couples or alone just you two? What's your preference?

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    We've tried to bring other couples over the years, but timing, finances, and a plethora of other factors have always gotten in the way. No worries, though. Couples is one place where you meet new friends daily.
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    We have always gone by ourselves to Couples and we aren't bored or missing someone to talk to. There is always someone to talk to around the bar or pools.

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    How funny. We're facing the exact opposite situation. We've made 15 trips to Couples, always alone, and we've never wanted anyone else to join us. We really like being alone together. We live in New York and don't see my sister and her husband, who live in North Carolina, very often. This year, my sister asked if they could join us on a trip to Jamaica. We stayed at CN in March alone and are trying CSS for the first time with them in August.

    While I'm sure we'll enjoy the time that we do spend with them, we're wondering if it traveling with another couple will lessen our enjoyment. I'm optimistic. We've never had a bad vacation at Couples; I'm sure everything will be fine.
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    We too have tried in the past to plan trips with other couples, but the timing has never worked out. I think this is actually a positive thing for a couple of reasons. First of all, it does allow more time with your significant other. When you go with another couple, there may be an expectation that you will spend most of your awake time with the other couple. It will be much more romantic if it is just the two of you. Secondly, if you find yourselves needing someone else to talk to, you will turn to other guests and make new friends. If you are there with another couple, you may not meet new people and this, I think, would be a tragedy as there are so many wonderful people to meet at Couples! We have made friends on every trip (except Honeymoon) and still communicate with most of them! I believe you will have a fantastic trip regardless, but I think you will have a better chance of experiencing all of the romance of Couples if you go alone.

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    We have vacationed at Couples with friends every single time we have gone six times and they were all friends we made on this message board that we continued to vacation with over the years. This Dec. will be our first Couples trip alone and there will still be a few people we have met over the years there but aren't really close friends with. I'm actually looking forward to spending a bunch of alone time with James. Just go on the "Meet Up At Couples" threads and see who will be there when you are and you will make a whole new bunch of friends. There are always friendly people to party with at all Couples resorts. You just can't help but be happy there and a whole bunch of happy people tend to have a fantastic time together! I really treasure all the wonderful friends we have made from all over the US at Couples and because of this message board. We've have never had an experience making life long friends at any other resort than Couples. Thank you to Couples!
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    We have the same situation this year. Our last 3 trips to Jamaica we went with a couple who are great friends of ours. It is nice to travel with another couple (I actually went on some tours I may not have gone on)and it is nice to have another couple for dinner conversation, but I think it will be nice to go by ourselves this time (they can't go this year).
    Our first 3 trips we went by ourselves and had a great time.
    I guess we will see in November how much we miss having them with us!

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    I totally agree with fawnridge - Couples presents the opportunity to be alone with your SO or a place where you can meet new couples friends.

    We've always gone alone until last year when a couple we met years earlier booked the same week we did - we had a blast and it was nice to have someone to share dinner with.

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    No worries. My wife and I went to Couples in 2005 and made friends there with 2 other couples. We have been back as a group two times and have scheduled yet another vacation with them in November. The point is that you will easily meet friends there. I recommend looking on the Meet at Couples portion of this board and find a thread for the time you're going. That's actually how we meet our friends.

    And if worse comes to worse, I'm sure alone time is good too!

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    We've been to Couples by ourselves and with friends from home. Both have worked out well. Alot of it depends on the couple you travel with. Some couples I would never vacation with again, and others no problem....
    We've made friends with several couples that travel to Couples the same time as we do that it doesn't matter if we bring anyone along or not.
    There are several members of our family and some friends that will be coming with us next April.... thank goodness for Tower Island. if they get to be too much for me I can always hide there :-)

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    My husband and I have been to a couples resort with and without friends from home, and we've always have had a fabulous time. Meeting new friends is always a great thing!!
    Pat & Fred - NJ

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    We have talked about taking another couple with us the next time we go, and I am almost not wanting to. The freedom to do as we wish, when we wish, without worring about someone else is great. I think going alone gives you much more freedom. And like fawnbridge said, there are always new "friends" to meet at couples. We never spent time alone if we did not want to. We had met friends to spend spend time with, drink with, etc if we wanted. Go and enjoy you freedom.

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    We have done it both ways. For our March trip we go with two other couples. We all hang out together and have dinner together. Breakfast is on your own. It's a perfect mix of alone time and fun time.

    My wife and I also go the third week in December, by ourselves. It's fun, too. We hang out on the beach and usually meet a few other couples that we chat with during the day. The thing about Couples is that the guests are as great as the staff. Everyone is friendly. Even if you go by yourselves you will have a great time.

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    When we have booked vacations we have tried getting another couple to go but things never worked out. We went to CN this past March and met some amazing people!! We found that we prefer to go by ourselves as then we can do what we want, when we want and do not have to worry about anyone else. Because of all the great people we met we were never lacking for the company of others when we wanted.

    No worries!!

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    We always go alone as a couple and meet new friends there!

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    This will be our first trip to Couples but we've been to Jamaica for our anniversary every year since we were married in 1995. Some years we have taken other people with us and some years due to a variety of reasons no one could go along. It is fun to have others with you but it's also just as much fun to be there alone. Somehow the anticipation is the hardest when going alone because frankly none of your friends want to constantly hear about your trip to paradise when they are going to be stuck at home, if you are taking another couple then you have someone to talk to about it with...non-stop. But once you are there I promise you'll find it's just as wonderful just in a different way. Don't worry, you'll have a great time either way.

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    We also go alone. That way, we are on our schedule and not someone elses. We always meet some great couples to share dinner or drinks with. It's a great way to spend time with the spouse with no worries.

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    We have been a few times alone, and a few times with friends. Either way, it's a wonderful vacation

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    We always go alone. We're from Califonia, so all our friends go to Hawaii and Mexico for their vacations. So far we haven't been able to convince them to try Jamaica. Their loss !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larnan View Post
    We have been a few times alone, and a few times with friends. Either way, it's a wonderful vacation
    I agree!!

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    We have always gone as just the two of us. Great way to reconnect.

    We were supposed to go with another couple this December. After the company he was working for closed their doors and filed for bankruptcy, they backed out.

    While we were making plans (moot point now), we all agreed that we would not feel bound or obligated to do anything together. If we did,... great! If problem and no hurt feelings. We just didn't want one couple to get in the other couples way if alone time was wanted. We wanted the ground rules set well ahead of time so that no feelings would be hurt and no one's vacation would be compromised.

    We'll be sure to toast them while the sand sifts between our toes.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    We are also booked at CSA for October 2010. So far no friends will be going with us. If my husband and I will be there at the same time as you, we can chat you up. I think either way, you will love it. Margi

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    We have made 3 trips to CSA, summers of 05-07. After a three year hiatus we are returning in 2010. On our first trip we met a couple that we really hit it off with. They were veterans of CSA and showed us around a bit and told us about some of the things to do on the resort. We ran into them several times the next few days at dinner, breakfast and on the beach. Nothing organized or planned, just thinking alike. We met up with them at CSA on out next two trips and have become quite close to them over the years, though we live far apart. We had contacted them with out plans to return next summer, they have not been back for a couple of years either, but they are not able to join us on this trip. My wife was so distraught about not having our friends with us at CSA that she nearly told me not to book the trip. But we have booked.

    While we will miss having our friends with us, we know we will have a wonderful time. Jamaica will provide the atmosphere and environment for us to make new friends and enjoy our trip "home".

    Is it enjoyable to share Jamaica with friends? Yes, definitely.

    Is it necessary to share Jamaica with friends to have a good time? No, absolutely not.

    Enjoy your trip!

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    The first year we went to Couples, we went by ourselves, and ended up meeting a fantastic couple who actually only live 3 hours from us, and we have vacationed with them every year since, but we are going back in January of 2010, and they can't go, so we are just looking forward to meeting new friends and having a blast with each other. Couples is the best place in the world to meet new friends. Either way you go, you can't go wrong.

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    I'm lovin your signature...that is so me! LOL

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