I've just booked CSA for Oct 2010. It's far off to be certain. We last went CSA October 2007. It was great!! That time we went with my sister and brother in law. Since we went with another couple, it was a blast. No dull moments and always someone to talk with and hang around with besides each other of course.

It seems my sister is not planning to go this time around. I've tried everything to convince her, but so far, she hasn't committed. She loved Couples, but the timing is not right for her. (She has a son and he's in school that time of year.) I'm trying to stay positive and realize that another couple could actually be a distraction and the alone time could be good for me and my husband. But we all had such a nice time last time, I fear I may miss them. I mean I love my husband, but my sister lives in another state and I only see her once a year or so, so it's an extra treat when she's around. Do you all prefer going to Couples with other couples or alone just you two? What's your preference?