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    Default The thing we hate most

    Sometimes I think that it may be the single most difficult requirement for handling one's life. It begins when we are very young and continues to occur over and over again throughout our lifetime. Some people discover the need for this early on in development. Others may travel another path. However, for as long as we are alive and have control of our faculties, this will vary greatly, I think that is imperative that every person learn to deal with CHANGE.

    I am making these reference to this very unattractive, uninvited and usually unpleasant occurrence, as a result of our last two visits to our beloved, recently reinvented fortress of fantasy. a.k.a. Couples Tower Isle.

    When we were there one week after the re-opening last April, we heard all kinds of moaning and groaning and complaining. About all kinds of things. Most, if not all the bellyaching, came from repeaters. After all, the newbies have nothing to base their feelings on, other than what they are getting at the moment. From what i saw, they were just fine.

    Another discovery that I made was that there are a lot of couples, I mean, a lot of couples that have never heard of our quaint little message board. Many of these duos were refereed to Couples by their TA. They never saw the web site. And if they did, they missed the MB portion. So for whatever reason these folks missed the change concerning Bayside's cuisine. Some said they came just to try the Italian style bistro. I can't print what they were feeling or what they said. I can understand how they felt. I too would be pissed if my favorite restaurant at my favorite resort suddenly did a 180. But at the same time, I would have to try to put things in to perspective. How much of an impact will I allow this glitch to ruin my time there? Can I find adequate substitutes for now and be more informed the next time?

    For some of those couples, there was no recovery. Everything else was clouded by this new idea. That's to bad. There must be so meting else you like about the resort. Is there nothing to fill the void? Can you stop pouting?

    On our most recent trip last month, there were still people mumbling and grumbling about one thing or another. One couple was upset that they moved the beach grille to the new location. They used to like to sit on the bar stools and eat while watching people on the sand and in the water. Even though they could still do that at the new grille, they just had a tough time adjusting.

    Another person complained that the large round shower head didn't allow the water to come out the way they wanted it, and they had a tough time taking showers. CHANGE. You really can't ignore it. It's all around us every day. It's part of the weave in the fabric of life. Change is the single event that in my life, that I have come to depend on. Sometimes the course is gradually and I have time to make the adjustments. Other times, change comes roaring in at us like a huge wave during a storm. Catching us unprepared. Stirring up lots of emotions that must be dealt with in order to move forward.

    Our beloved sanctuary by the sea has been given, what we think is, a stunning new look. One that is pleasing to the eye. Restful. Inviting. Comfortable and very accommodating. But again, all of that is subject to ones point of view. One person wrote, "CTI was perfect", another was not happy at all. Same place. Same stuff. For some it is half full, for others, half empty.

    So far, for us, even with all the staff changes, food changes, decor changes that occurred over the past 15 years, when we turn the corner on the van and drive up the driveway at CTI, we still have every tingly feeling, all the heavy sighing, all the smiles, laughter and sheer ecstasy coursing through our bodies. Like some mystical magical elixir that we take most willingly. Knowing full well the overwhelming results. Our hearts beat more quickly as well as out pulse. At that precise moment, when we step into the lobby, we are at the exact right place at the exact right time. We experience complete peace and serenity. How ever many minutes you have on Couples visit, I know that you will be almost delirious with enjoyment.

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