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    We are arriving at CSA Friday (oh how good that feels to say!) and we wanted to bring some school supplies to donate. We were wondering what the norm is. How many notebooks, pens/pencils etc do people ususally bring? What is acceptable? Is there anything that they need more so than anything else? Any direction would be greatly appreciated!

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    We recently visited the school assisted by CSA and they are currently in need of:

    Play Doh
    Cardboard (flat) puzzles (ABCs/123s/etc.)
    playground/outside toys
    gross motor toys (blocks, etc.)
    finger paints

    Contact the front desk/sales office upon arrival and they can either arrange a visit for you or make arrangements for your donations to be delivered. We took lots (100ct. boxes) of crayons, colored pencils, gluesticks, etc. and were stopped at customs -- though we tried to be discreet about our 4 very heavy checked bags . So, if you plan on taking large quantities, get a waiver from the school ahead of time (which I imagine the front office could help you with) or simply pay the man at the "red line." Either way, it is well worth the effort. Hope this helps. Thanks for thinking of the kids!

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    Almost forgot...the school had around 45-50 students the day we went, but I think they can accommodate up to 85 depending upon the day (ages 3-6). Safe travels...

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    Any amount you bring will be greatly appreciated.
    We always bring school supplies for the kids of the staff.

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