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    Default CSS - Best Building for Waves/Big Balcony?

    I've asked this question a couple times, and hope that I can get an answer... We are booked in an oceanfront room (I think that's what they're called - not beachfront for sure). I would like a room where you can open the doors and hear the waves crashing, and maybe also with a big balcony. The less stairs the better, but if we have to do stairs, we'll survive.

    Thanks so much!! I know there is no guarantee, but I'd still like to know what I'd prefer, if possible!

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    Sorry to disappoint, but you won't hear waves crashing at CSS. Reefs surrounding the beach prevent any major wave action. One Bedroom Beachfront Suites are the closet rooms to the main pool and beaches, both textile and au naturel.

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    We've been to CSS twice, and I wouldn't say that the ocean waves were ever really "crashing", since the ocean there is pretty calm, at least compared to the pacific coast of Mexico. I'd imagine that they get a little rougher seas when a storm is nearby, but I've not seen it. I'd say that just about any room could hear the ocean at CSS, but B block is probably the closest to the actual beach. Also, the first floor of A or B block is probably your best bet for least amount of stairs.

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    For the biggest balconies and best views in a one bedroom ocean suite category we love buildings E & G best. E is best for a central location as it's in the center of the cliff and G is best for the view as it's at the top of the cliff.
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    I could have sworn I've read on this board that people can sit in their rooms and listen to the ocean (maybe not crashing, but hear it anyway).

    Is E still fairly close to the ocean?

    Thanks for all your help!!

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    "I could have sworn I've read on this board that people can sit in their rooms and listen to the ocean (maybe not crashing, but hear it anyway)."

    At Swept Away -

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    we were in building 'A' and you can hear the ocean at night when it was quiet. 'A' and 'B' block are the jacuzzi suites closest to the ocean.

    The waves do not pound the shore in Ocho and Negril like they do on the east coast. If you do not get an jacuzzi suite then you can have a LOT of steps to deal with, the rest of the rooms are up on the cliffs.

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    We stayed in the D block actually D18 and had a great view it was exactly 68 steps from the beach to our room. But it really is not all that bad unless your drunk LOL. But the waves really don't crash because of the reef but I did not miss that cause when you see the beautiful water you forget everything else besides the man next to you.

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