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Thread: Smoking?

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    Default Smoking?

    We are both smokers and plan CSA in April 2010..someone please tell me this is not a NON-smoking hotel..Just realized I had forgot to ask about that.
    Anyone know?

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    Not a non-smoking hotel. Just be aware that others may not like you smoking in a rude way. There are smoking areas in some resturants and some are totally non-smoking but all rooms allow smoking so no worries there. Have fun.

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    Default thanks!

    good to we can book our wedding/honeymoon!

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    Smoke 'em if you got 'em...Just packed a carton for our trp Saturday to CSA. Be respectful and there are no worries...Disco has a balcony for firing up some heaters and the ashtrays on the beach are pretty cool...

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