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    Default CSA First Timer - XMAS ??'s

    Hi everyone,

    Looking forward to our first visit to CSA in 22 days! I have been reading the message boards and it is so nice to see that Couples has such a strong following. You don't find that very much anymore. I have some questions about being at CSA during X-mas, so if anyone can help me out, it would be greatly appreciated!

    First, since Dec. 26 (Boxing Day), is on a Saturday this year, the public holiday will be celebrated on Monday the 28th. Does that mean that there won't be a big beach party celebrating the holiday on the 26th? Or simply that banks, etc will be closed on Monday, but the partying will still be on Saturday?

    Next, are there many places that are closed on Christmas Day? I want that day to be our day to walk down the beach for a long time and sample different food/drink/bars etc. Will this be a good day to do that, or will we be missing out because things will be closed?

    Lastly, while the catamaran cruise sounds great, I don't think it is something that my boyfriend and I will do because of how long it takes and possible seasickness. We are going to go to Rick's on Christmas Eve for sunset and then to the Rockhouse for dinner. Does anyone have any suggestions for a shorter trip we could take to see some of the same sights as the cat cruise. For example, would jet skiing allow us to see any of that?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, please respond if you can help answer my questions. Can't wait for CSA!

    One love,


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    I was also wondering what happens at Christmas, as I am a newbie too!

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